Nepali Singing Bowls — Now My Tinnitus Is Louder and Ears More Sensitive

Discussion in 'Support' started by MagicMike, Jul 23, 2019.

    1. MagicMike

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      Playing music, stress, post surgery
      One treatment I explored yesterday was with Nepali singing bowls and chimes. I tested and the sounds were never louder than 75 dB and only just for a moment (usually much lower like in the 50s or 60s), with some rich vibrations.

      I'm definitely feeling more sensitive today and the tinnitus appears to be louder. Not sure if this is related or just the natural ebb and flow (I've had loud and almost totally quiet days since the onset about a month ago).

      I'm trying everything I can to fix this and am constantly paranoid that I'm doing more damage... I mean in all honesty, the loudest thing I experienced yesterday was a kid screaming in a supermarket 5 feet from me (I had my plugs out for a minute to talk to a cashier) and I nearly hit the ceiling. So who the hell knows.
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    2. SB1981

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      I’m sorry to hear you’re having such a rough go right now.

      The first sound I found that helped soothe my tinnitus was crickets chirping. Then after awhile it seemed like that actually began to make it worse. So like you said who knows with these things.

      Barely any masker I’ve tried has works for me. Most of them seem to exacerbate the tinnitus. Especially white, pink, and brown noise of all varieties on YouTube.

      I hope that things calm back down for you.
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    3. Vicki14

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      Hi, I hope things calm down for you soon and hopefully it’s just a temporary spike. It’s so difficult to predict what/where will cause this to increase. I went to a spa.... yes! A spa! about a month ago and the water jets shifted my tinnitus up a notch. I was in town yesterday (without plugs) trying to be ‘cool’ with sound and plugging my ears where necessary but literally was woken out of a dream with 2 (new tone) blasting ears. It’s just such an unpredictable condition and difficult to always know what to do for the best. Hope your ears settle quickly x
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    4. HeavyMantra

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      For me, my singing bowl is one of few sources of relief on bad days. It's of extremely high quality though, and it's specific frequencies doesn't bother my tinnitus

      Nothing magical about singing bowls though, or so I think
    5. Mister Muso
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      Loud music
      Same. I've generally gone back to low volume music, with quiet river sounds in the background.

      Or try looking for "random bell melody" or "musical neuromodulation" online. But keep those volumes low from the start.

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