Neurologist for tinnitus?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Amelia, Feb 6, 2014.

    1. Amelia

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      Not sure where this belongs (admin feel free to move) but has anyone seen a neuro in regards to their T? - not including for an existing neurological condition that caused T.

      We have just seen a pediatric neuro for my 4 year old (she is fine thankfully!) but he made so much sense explaining why she has some movement difficulties and how the brain works in learning new skills.

      Made me wonder what his thoughts were on T and whether as a neurologist he had any tips ...
    2. Jason White

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      I'm curious about this, too. Has anybody seen a neurologist for their tinnitus? Seems to me that if the problem is truly occurring in the brain, then it's outside the realm of what an ENT or otologist can do.
    3. Jarie

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      I have. He said "there is no cure for tinnitus." He said it just takes time. He could not find the cause of mine thru 2 MRIs and numerous other neuro tests. He said mine could have been a virus that damaged the nerves in the ear. He told me it may go away, it may not.

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