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      I hope this post gets seen. I've tried other sites and had a myriad of problems.

      I believe I have tinnitus from Xanax withdrawal but I have had it periodically through the years. (runs in the family) . Along with every other symptom of w/d. I was prescribed Xanax about 8 years ago. The docs prescribed 1mg, 3x a day. I am an addict (loved opiates!) So I recognize a lot of symptoms that correlate with benzos. I (for some odd reason) rarely took that much per day. Mostly I would take only 2mg/day and I don't know why I never took more over time to achieve a desired affect. I did taper off them but a lot faster than I've been reading about. I took a half a mg twice a day for about a week, then a half mg /day for about another week. I feel horrible psychologically and pretty puny physically. What I can't seem to wrap my head around the random time frames (weeks to months to years?) and how to gage myself.

      I also have some tips for folks who are in my position and are totally out of Xanax. First of all, ambien (er or/and ir) is great for sleeping. Along with trazadone and muscle relaxers, the day is almost tolerable. I also live in Colorado and get to enjoy legalized MMJ. This is a Godsend bar none. Bud, hash oil, edibles. I don't know if I'm stretching this thing out by doing this or just making it a little less comfortable. Any feedback specific to my tale of woe would be much appreciated.

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