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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Hil, Feb 9, 2016.

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      Hi, I have a high pitched hissing in my ears (worse in left ear) that's been there since November. It varies in intensity. I have a low hum in my right ear, which also varies. Sometimes it sounds like an idling truck somewhere in the distance. Recently I've been waking up to a faint beeping (morse code pattern) in my right ear which startles me wide awake.

      I've also had varying pain and pressure in my ears. In November, Urgent Care told me I had fluid in my ears. I saw my doctor in December, no fluid. I saw an ENT in January, again no fluid. Each of these doctors said I have Eustachian Tube Dysfunction due to allergies. I am taking Flonase steroid nasal spray and Claritin allergy medication, but the ear issues persist. I can't be on any other allergy medication at this time, due to another medical issue.

      I am 45 years old. I have always had allergies but they have definitely been worse this winter. The beeping when I wake up really early in the morning is what is scaring me the most. The other sounds have been steady, so they're easier to tune out. The morse code pattern of the beeping scares me because so far I haven't been able to tune it out or go back to sleep.
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      not sure
      Welcome @Hil to the forum. Here we have members who have similar tinnitus conditions as you are having. Many have high pitch T. Mine is ultra high pitch. The morse code type is also quite common. Do panic and worry about it. People get better with that too and write their success stories. Here are some sample of their success stories:

      @caffclifton mentions in her success story that she has hyperacusis and morse code pattern in her T: (see post# 5)

      You can search more discussions on morse code in various forums.
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      Labyrinthitis (Inner ear infection)
      Hi @Hil feel free to chat to me whenever x
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      Hi, Hil... I am sorry about your suffering. I too have high pitch T in both ears..left is louder than the other. I also have a low tone in the left ear...fairly faint most days. I hope you find support and comfort here. You are not alone...I joined a few years ago and have not been on in a long while since I finally habituated to my T. Hopefully your sounds will settle down and you too will not even notice them for the most part. Praying for you.
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