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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Knightofknots, Aug 16, 2014.

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      Hello all my tinnitus started this summer. Like the silly person I am, I forgot my ear plugs for a concert and well here be the ringing.

      It isn't to bad I only really hear it when laying in bed at night or when I plug my ears. The strangest thing though is I noticed only when I lay in bed and breathing deeply will make the ringing stop. It's kinda weird and I am not sure what to make of it.

      I also discovered pot kicks it into high gear so I stay away from that stuff. It's better this way same with booze. I also noticed MDMA makes fade away. It's rather strange. I also am sad to read green kicks it up. Which upsets me the most because I love tea more than booze or drugs. I think this will actually allow me to live a healthier life .

      I believe I can beat this it isn't to bad right now. I believe I can beat it ether by not letting it rule my life and I can over come it and slay this demon or one day maybe it will go away. I have always been good at over coming anything and I believe I can beat this! I refuse to believe it can't be fixed but I won't let it rule me. I run my life not this ringing.

      A strange story I want to share, I was laying in bed one morning half awake half asleep in a kinda dream state. I started to have this old memory of an ex and I felt something at the edge of my bed like someone was stepping onto it. It then felt like someone was crawling beside me. My ex use to sneak up on me during a nap. Then all the sudden it felt like I got punched in the back of the head and my Tinnitus kicked into high gear for 3 seconds. I woke up and was shocked looked around and was so unsure. I tired to do it again and a hour later the same thing again. Bam felt/sounded like someone punching me in the back of the head my tinnitus kicked in and three seconds later back to its low ringing self. It's strange I know. These two moments makes me believe I can control it or beat it.

      Thank you all! I have been reading all the forums and I believe there is hope.
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      Hi Knight, after having many life threatening issues then me getting T on top of all that, nothing surprises me anymore. I believe your incidence. Actually I don't think beating it is quite the way to look at it. It's not a disease, but rather a reaction in the audio cortex in your brain, where the neurons are flying and firing causing the T Some say hearing loss, stress, anxiety, but no one knows for sure.

      Do your best, (I know it is hard) to not give the perceived noise any thought. You pretty much have to forget about it. Again I know it is very hard, but that is what finally has helped me.

      At first I noticed when I got really interested in a movie or into a conversation I did not notice the T for a few minutes. Now I am up to an hour or so, it get easier everyday, even it's only a minute longer that the day before I see progress.
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      Hi Knight. One of the most important things try and do is avoid quiet rooms and surroundings especially at night. Buy yourself a sound machine that plays nature sounds and place that by your bedside. Oasis make the best sound machines in my opinion. Set the level just below your tinnitus. Try not to use music for sound enrichment at night as it will draw the brain's attention and it's something you don't want.
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      Thank you guys for your help, mine is rather low and I find it easy to just to not pay attention to. I am now focused on not letting it get worse.

      Thank you again.
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