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    1. You can now sign up / log in via Facebook.

      It's very straightforward, just use the "Login with Facebook" button. If you are not logged into Facebook, FB asks for you to log in. Otherwise just allow access for the application.

      After that you are sent back to Tinnitus Talk and you can change your username to something else than your Facebook account name. That's it, there won't be typing in emails, birthdays and you won't need to go through the email confirmation phase. Logging in to Tinnitus Talk is simply very easy using the Facebook method.

      If you already have an account here, you can associate your current Tinnitus Talk username with your Facebook by clicking the same "Login with Facebook" button and then when you are sent back to Tinnitus Talk, click the "Associate Existing Account" tab. You will be asked to provide your current Tinnitus Talk username/password. After that you don't need to remember your Tinnitus Talk specific username/password, you can just log in via Facebook in the future.

      Of course you can also register the normal way (without Facebook) and continue using Tinnitus Talk without the Facebook login method.

      It's up to you which way you find more convenient. :)
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    2. rogerg

      rogerg Member

      I'm one of those who doesn't have Facebook but when I log in here and check the "Remember be", I don't have to log in every time I come back. It remembers me.

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