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      Tinnitus Since:
      Cause of Tinnitus:
      I'm 57 and have had tinnitus since about 2008. Previous to that, since about 2003 or so I experienced what felt like my brain was jumping around in my head with associated jumping / shaking vision. My tinnitus is accompanied with shaking vision (perfectly in sync with one another). This change occurred after a particularly intense neck adjustment by chiropractor who thought all my problems could be solved with chiropracty.

      Tested negative for:

      Multiple Sclerosis

      Diagnoses I disagree with:

      Superior Oblique Myokymia
      Optical Migraine

      Other diagnoses:

      High Blood Pressure & Supra Ventricular Tachycardia (controlled with calcium channel blocker Cartia XT)
      Hypothyroid (on Synthroid)

      Supplements I've Tried With No Help:

      Zinc, Magnesium, Ginko, Vinpocetine

      What helps:

      Good posture
      Manipulation of neck / jaw (pushing forward / up), meditation, calmness

      I see that the person with the most similar symptoms to mine is @Mad maggot who reports improvement with porcelain splint (to help with TMJ).

      This problem affects my social life and my job (look at computer screens all day / lots of detail and analysis). Basically, I don't perform in either situation as well as I could. It also affects my hobby (art) as using my eyes and just the tinnitus and wobbly eyes / brain is fatiguing. I don't feel that my ability to think or reason is affected. Sometimes I feel irritable around loud noise.

      Next step will be to talk to my dentist about TMJ and hopefully get a referral for further testing in hopes that, with such similar symptoms as Mad Maggot, treatment along those lines will help. I do have a crooked smile / somewhat asymmetrical face so who knows; maybe my jaw / head has a treatable deformity.

      Glad to be here. Best of luck to my fellow sufferers.

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