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Discussion in 'Support' started by klein, Sep 30, 2014.

    1. klein

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      Hi guys!

      I am really devastated with this condition. I started hearing a high pitched ringing on my left ear just a week ago. At first I was trying to ignore it hoping that it would go away, but sadly it did not. I went to the ent yesterday and the doctor prescribed me to take betahistine and vitamin B. I am hoping that these would work. I was weeping last night because the T just keeps getting louder. I really feel down that I'm having horrible thoughts already.
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    2. jss
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      noise anxiety and antidepressants
      Chances are that it will settle down, I would not panic at this point. Just give it a little time. Did anything happen to bring it on or did it just start out of nowhere?
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    3. Karen

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      Yes, please tell us your story, Klein. We'd like to know if anything might have happened that could have brought it on.

      We understand what you're going through right now. Tinnitus is usually at its worst when it first begins. It may settle down in time, so please try to stay calm, and don't panic. I had roaring tinnitus when mine first started, and now it has settled down to a very bearable and liveable level.

      We have lots of great information here at Tinnitus Talk, plus a lot of great people who can offer suggestions and support. We're glad you've joined us!!

      Best wishes and hugs,
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      not sure
      Welcome to the forum. We are here to help whatever we can. Most of us have gone through what you are going through now, the tough first phase of tinnitus. The sensation is so alien and foreign that the body just has a hard time accepting it and the senses are on full alert for this sound. That is why it seems to much louder at the start. Try read the success stories on the Success Stories forum and try to learn some insights from those who have gotten better. Relax and don't panic. When you are more relax and don't worry, the stress level will go down and your T may be less loud. Take care.
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      Thank you so much guys for hearing out. I just need to vent my feelings about this T I am having. This is what I have needed. It is so difficult to tell my story to people who have no experience of what we are going through.

      There was no trigger that I know of. It just showed up just like that. I think I just have to live with it and pray that some day this Will disappear eventually. I started reading the success stories of some people and it made me feel a lot better. Thank you again. :)
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    6. bwspot

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      Keep the positive thoughts with you. Few weeks ago I found out that my friend who is 44 now got his T when he was 20. You would be surprise how happy he is now. Don't worry and stay positive.

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