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      I am fairly new to Tinnitus. My symptoms just appeared out of nowhere 2 weeks ago. I waited 2 days before seeing my doctor thinking it would just go away, but by the 2nd day it was all I could think about. My anxiety level was off the charts and I had only had about 2hr sleep in 2 days. My doctor did, what I know now was probably the worst possible thing for me, prescribed me steroids which just exacerbated my anxiety. My 3rd night of no sleep I started having anxiety attacks and honestly, I started to hallucinate. That morning I knew something else had to be done. I drove myself to the nearest Urgent Care Center, which I realize now I probably shouldn't have been driving. The doctor on duty took me off the steroid immediately and gave me something to relax me and help me sleep.

      It has been two weeks now and I still have the 7000 hz ringing in my ears but there was something that I saw someone say on this forum that got me thinking. The only time I had full relief is when I went outside and the Cicada's were singing. So I made a background loop of Cicada's and run it very quietly in the background with my cell phone. I have to start it fairly loud but within minutes I can turn the volume down to where you can just barely hear it. This may work for others where their Tinnitus is between 6000 & 7500hz. I think my brain now thinks that the tinnitus frequency is coming from my phone (or really the Cicada's) and not my head so my body knows how to deal with it!

      I uploaded the file here I hope it helps other cope! If your Tinnitus is in a different frequency, I am happy to make a loop for you to try!

      Please provide feedback if anyone has further suggestions.


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      Hi Chad,

      I made a thread about Android apps to help with T. I'm sure Apple and windows have these apps. Take a look.

      I dont' drink coffee and alcohol for now. If my T goes away I'll go back to drinking small amounts.
      I plan to stay away from loud music, concerts, movies, clubs, bars even though my hearing is good per hearing tests. Once in a while its ok to go out.
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