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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by brian.1575, Nov 16, 2015.

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      Hi all my name is brian. I just recently started experiencing tinnitus. Mine is a very low frequency T. If your familiar with frequencies it sounds like a delta wave frequency which reverberates....building and fading. I am very new to this. At first I thought I was somehow hearing the sound of large truck tires on the highway or that maybe a new plane flight path half been established above my home. My father experiences the high frequency version so I was not aware that low frequency T was actually a thing. It's really quite a bizarre there's a Buddhist monk chanting OM in my right ear! Does this sound familiar to anyone? Any advice? Also, I just remembered that around the time this started I had found some dried blood in the same ear. Don't know if I had an infection..rabid earwig or what. Anyone else have a similar experience? Thanks for anybody's input. Figure if I'm going to have live with this I should start learning about it. Thank you.
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      mine sounds like A lamp sound if you ever hear it from close range, or like electrical sound... is that mild? you can hear it at calm outdoor?
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      So what I'm hearing is like the sound of a semi truck passing over an under pass that comes in waves. Any suggestions? And btw nice to meet you all
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      Meniere's Disease
      Tinnitus comes in lots of sounds and strengths and wooshing and like your pulse.
      In one ear or both or head.
      How long have you had it and have you seen your doctor or ENT ?
      Just so we can help you more with what you tell us...lots of love glynis

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