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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by MJC, May 8, 2015.

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    1. MJC

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      I'm a new sufferer of tinnitus - I went to a club event and unfortunately the music damaged my ears.

      My ears feel like they are FULL/blocked - I also have a highpitched sound and hummy in
      both ears. Has anyone had the feeling of the ears feeling blocked/full - will that pressured feeling
      go away?

      My doctor gave me beconase nasel spray and I am being referred to the ENT hospital.

      Any feedback about this would be great.

      Thank you
    2. tinnitussufferer

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      how loud and long did you spend there? can you hear properly or is it a blocked feeling?
    3. MJC

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      Its been over a week now. The music was pretty loud because my eardrums were hurting/aching. I was in the club for 3 hours only when I left did I realise how bad it was - I can hear ( left side not so great), but I have 2 buzzing sounds, eardrum on the left hurts still and ears feel like they are REALLY blocked. The left side is worse - I feel like I've lost the left side of my head.
      GP said he couldnt see any damage but needed to refer me to ENT hospital!
    4. James Brown

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      Noise exposition
      Normally fulness goes away after some days, but each person has a different kind of T, but probably yours will go away, but T will stay, and you should prepare to that.
    5. billie48

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      If the ENT hospital can't find anything wrong with your ears or hearing loss, then it is likely that your ears will settle down with the acoustic trauma, either fading or lowering the T volume, especially if you learn to relax and not stress yourself further. T feeds on stress. So the more relax and positive you are, the easier for your T to settle down. Have you tried masking? Here is a good link from TT to give you some tips and guidelines. It also comes with masking tracks and links to sleep thread etc.
    6. MJC

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      Hi Billie
      Hi James
      Thanks for the good advice really appreciated!!

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