New Sufferer — Tinnitus Started After Blowing Nose Hard Two Times Before Bed

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Bob4422, Jan 13, 2019.

    1. Bob4422

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      December 2018
      Cause of Tinnitus:
      Blowing my nose
      New sufferer - I just started this tinnitus just before Christmas. I had a bad cold and couldn't breathe through my right nostril, so before bed I blew my nose hard two times and went to bed, then a few hours later I woke in pain and my right ear ringing and clogged up.

      I went to the ear nose doctor and was put on steroids and Doxycycline for my infection. The doctor seems to think this will clear up but now the ringing is in my left ear after I was holding my breath showing my grandson to hold his breath in the tub.

      Did this happen to anyone else and did it eventually clear up and go away. This ringing is terrible, I've lost weight and I'm not getting much sleep. Can anyone give me some advice.
    2. JohnAdams

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      May 1st 2018
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      Aspirin Toxicity/Possibly Noise
      You may have blown mucus up your eustachian tube(s) and now you have goop in your middle ear blocking sounds. Hopefully once the mucus flushes out the tinntitus will go away.
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    3. infVM

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      Ear infection
      Have you had some hearing loss?
    4. Bill Bauer
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      February, 2017
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      Acoustic Trauma
      Have you tried playing nature sounds in your bedroom? The sounds of crickets work well for high-pitch T. The idea is to give yourself something else to listen to besides T.

      There is a good chance that eventually your T will fade. It might take 3-24 months, though.

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