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      I am 67 and have a progressive tinnitus. Years ago it started as a high pitched monotone. Now it has morphed into a variety of continuous sounds. I have clicks, thuds, very rarely. But today a new low frequency constant motor sound has started. It sounds as if its coming from the street below - as if a truck is idling.

      Johns Hopkins has diagnosed me with asymmetric hearing loss. They want me to undergo a ct scan to eliminate the possibility of an acoustic neuroma (tumor) on my auditory nerve. I have declined to do so.

      I don't tolerate IVs well and JH being a teaching hospital I always get the tech who is training while I writhe in agony. What's worse is have the time they are clueless as to when the needle is in fact in the vein.

      Also there is a non invasive test that can determine the presence of AN as well.

      The bad news is that if found, surgery to remove the benign tumor will cause permanent and total hearing loss in that ear.
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      Welcome Jay. In my youth I was in pre-meds and JH was always a top name for us aspiring med students. But later I switched to IT. It is interesting to hear your perspective about JH as a place for patient care instead of a learning center. LOL. I hope you will come out OK without any benign tumor. Two-toned or multi-toned T is quite common. Many have a high 'eeeeeeeee' and a low hum. The famous comedian David Letterman is known to have 2-toned T, even as far back as 1996 when he was young. He talked about his condition in a comedian way in a 1996 show with William Shatner (Star Trek) who also has bad T from an accidental explosion on a Star Trek set. Letterman said his 2-toned T was like the Emergency Broadcast System on test mode 7/24 (lol). Somehow, these guys still seem to do well in life, as Letterman kept on trucking with his shows until about 2 years ago and Shatner still active in what he does. Here is the video of their show if you haven't seen it:
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      Hi jay,
      Acustic neuroma are small growing none cancerous tumours on the auditory nerve and always best have yearly checks to keep an eye on it.
      There are slight risks with removal with facial nerve problem and some hearing loss but they have to tell you these things.
      Good luck in what you decide to do with tests.
      keep posting for support on tinnitus and we will all he hear to help you...lots of love glynis

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