New Tinnitus and Unusually High-Pitched Diplacusis/Distortion

Discussion in 'Support' started by Zam, Feb 16, 2015.

    1. Zam

      Zam Member

      New T in one ear sounds like a static radio and I'm hearing certain lower pitched sounds resonate at that frequency (probably 4khz+) but I'm mostly deaf around those frequencies in that ear.

      Anyone have any idea what that is?

      Edit: I'm counting at least 9 different Ts right now and some of them are roaring loud (more than usual). :(

      Hope I'll be able to sleep

      Edit2: just pinpointed the frequency to about 4khz, which is almost the threshold of my where I significantly lose hearing in that ear.

      Edit3: the triggers seem to be thereabouts of 375hz (+/- 25), 550 hz (+/- 25) and 750 hz (+/- 25). Might be harmonics of the same frequency discounting for some distortions in both the equipment I'm using and my ears...
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    2. AUTHOR

      Zam Member

      Welp, still here in the morning, going to go see my audiologist
    3. AUTHOR

      Zam Member

      Seems to be gone now. Thankfully it didn't accompany further hearing loss
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      What did you do to help?
    5. AUTHOR

      Zam Member

      Honestly just went away during the day. I'd suggest isolating yourself from loud noses, wear earplugs if necessary.

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