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Discussion in 'Support' started by Kay, May 24, 2012.

    1. Kay

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      09/ 2011
      Hi Folks, my name is Kay, I have had T for 8 months, have tried various herbal remedies, used piriton to help me sleep, I also have a small hand massager that I use which does give me relief when I put it at my temple.
      I felt I had a bit of control , and then I had start using insulin for Diabetes 2,
      the T flared up quite high and no peace again yet ! Is anybody else in this position, and could you tell me where to find the music Jim put up. Thanks
    2. calin

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      Oct 2011
      Welcome Kay!!!

      I have had mine for about that long. Too long for me!!!

      I downloaded this for free and this is what helps me to focus away from the T when I go to bed if it is getting on my nerves.

      Rain and thunder storm - an hour of relaxing...

      Uploaded by GilucZ on Apr 11, 2011
      One hour of relaxing noise from realistic thunder and rain in high quality. Use this relaxing realistic hunder and rain when trying to fall asleep or when you need to really concentrate for studying/homework/anything else needing concentration.

      Listen to this while sleeping, or just relaxing while combined with your favorite music. Personally I can recommend some rad jazz music to go along with it.

      Download it here:

      Check out these other relaxing noises:

      *~Relaxing rain and car noises~*
      Relaxing rain and car noises in the city -...

      *~Relaxing wind and bird noises~*
      Relaxing wind and bird noises from the country

      *~Brown noise oscillating~*
      Brown noise oscillating - more than half an...

      *~Blackbirds chirping~*
      Blackbirds chirping - the relaxing sound of...
    3. calin

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      Oct 2011
      Oppsie, I only wanted to post the one rain video, but got more! haha
    4. SymphonSilencio

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      I cant really say Im in your "exact" position as I dont have diabetes but I can say this. I have experienced various T spikes over the course of months and years and I realize the amount of stress it can put on your life and sleep overall. Remember to try to find and continue to do things that you love and make you passionate. As far as sleeping is concerned try to be active at least 1-2 days out of the week for at least 40-45 minutes. I don't if you've tried any of these but generally these can be helpful in terms of sleep.

      Valerian Root
      Green Tea
      Benadryl can cause sedation but I wouldnt suggest using it all the time (Unisom uses this sort of substance)

      Aromatherapy can be very helpful as well. Things containing these can help with relaxation:

      I know you said you tried herbal stuff but give this a look. I like these people for homepathic things. If your interested search Luyties 1-800-homeopathy. They make many great products for different ailments but I mostly buy their insomnia and sleep luyties which use stuff like passion flower in their formula.
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      Hi Kay

      Jim's tracks are available here:

      Here is the thread where he describes them:

      Keep positive, I was in a very fragile and broken state state until I started to read "success" stories of people who were no longer affected - this seemed to give me the kick I needed to get on top of it and now I'm doing great. I can't bear the thought that anyone else is going through what I went through; you will be OK again.


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