New to Forum. My Tinnitus Has Come Back with a Vengeance.

Discussion in 'Support' started by Javert, Dec 15, 2015.

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      Hey guys. I'm new to the forum and would like to briefly introduce myself.

      I've been T for about 2 years now. It was very bad at first but I habituated and took care of my hearing. For the last year I was great. I heard it only at nights and most of the time I totally forgot I have it.

      Then about two weeks ago I went for a weekend trip away of home about . I usually carry earplugs in my keychain in case I go to any place loud but because I was away from home I didn't carried my keys with me. I went to this bar with a loud live band playing rock music. I was there like 4 hours. I wanted to go but my SO wanted to stay.

      Long story short, after that I've been hearing my T so loud I'm worried. It is like a tiny dentist drill or like some electrical interference sound 24/7. I have noise induced hearing loss in my right ear and I am worried that it could be worse.

      Any thoughts or words of support would be appreciated. I know I conquered this malady once and I was able to habituate. Hope this time I'll be able to do it again although I'm worried that now this hell of noise will stay forever at this level.

      My best wishes to all of you,
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      Meniere's Disease
      Welcome to the forum Javert,
      Only time will tell if your tinnitus has got worse but I would get your ears checked in case it's fluid or a wax build up in your ears .
      I'm sure it will settle in time back to your base sound .
      Try not to worry as stress and anxiety will make your tinnitus sound louder so do what you can to relax.
      Keep posting for support...lots of love glynis
    3. valeri

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      One would expect that you educated yourself about condition you have.
      If you were exposed to a sudden, unexpected noise I could understand but to spent 4 hours in a loud bar, with existing tinnitus.... pure stupid!
      I hope it settles but there's a lot to learn from this!
    4. AUTHOR

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      Thanks for your welcoming words Glynis. I really appreciate them. I've been better I guess. Sound is not back to the base level of before when I could forget about it, but sometimes the noise is manageable. It varies a lot now. From annoying to pure hell. If it can just remain in the manageable levels I am positive that I would be able to resume my life. I'll keep posting for venting and support. Seriously, your kindness is much appreciated.

      Ah Valeri, when someone asks for support for something that has already happened and people yell you stupid. You surely know how to make someone to live with their mistakes more miserable. Oh la vache!
    5. MichaelO

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      I hope that you adapt quickly from this. I know how draining it can be. I have periods of time when I don't notice the tinnitus or it is very low in volume. I surely appreciate these times. Then again there was last night when the noise in my head woke me at 2 am and kept me awake for the rest of the night. Hold onto the fact that you beat it once, and hope that you can do so again.
    6. AUTHOR

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      Thanks MichaelIO. It is indeed so draining. Yesterday was an OK day. In some places I could barely hear it. Today was bad. Even in the loudest of places the T was above every single noise. Sleep time is my biggest break from the T. It is so bad that it can wake you up in the night. Keep posting! Hope it will get better for you. I know that after few months of this I'll start to not notice it and then habituation can begin.

      Thanks for your words!

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