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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Sagebrush, Feb 8, 2014.

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      I suddenly developed "night sounds" in one day last summer and it has never departed. I've had several bouts of dizziness, especially when I'm having sinus difficulty. The dreaded "Mieneres Syndrome" has been thrown around by the two doctors I've seen. This week there is a new feeling of fullness in one ear and two serious dizzy spells. No dizziness for the last two days but the fullness, a new low roar in one ear and crickets are worse than ever. Music really bothers me to, which is terrible since I used to sing professionally. It's quite depressing and is relaly getting on my nerves.
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      Try to find an expert on Tinnitus, maybe a specialized center, not a random ENT.
      Causes are so variable, and in your case since there is not in obvious one, good diagnostics can make the difference.
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      Hi Sagebrush,

      What recommendations have the two ENTs suggested to you so far?

      With new symptoms this week ie., ear fullness and dizzy spells, I would see your doctor about it. Maybe see about a third ENT opinion, and a hearing test evaluation.

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