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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Estelle Reed, Sep 22, 2015.

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      My T started May this year, I have moderate hearing loss is left ear. At first I got very upset, low, depressed, angry, desperate ... Now I realise that my life is not over, I can still do everything I used to before T. I am on Martizapine 15mg so u sleep well at night and managed the sound with lots of different things. I hear it all the time, but managed to get on with life. I am basically feeling a bit fed up and sad that I have to cope with that forever. I do challenge my negative thoughts and remind myself that there are worse things, I am not dying! But is that it? Is this habitation? As in is this as good as it gets? Any thoughts would be gratefully read :)
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      Hi Estelle,

      mine also started in May this year. Stress-induced, I am also on Mirtazapine - for depression and anxiety Though 45mg - o i sleep very well indeed. i am worriedhow \i will get to sleep when i eventually come off the meds...! I listen to the radio to fall asleep to. \my life has really turned on its head over the last 6 months. i want my old life back.

      \\stay strong

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      not sure
      Glad to know that you are having the right attitude to begin to accept the reality of T. Your T is new so you never know if it will fade. Keep the hope high.

      As for the process of habituating to T, one notable member of TT @meeruf has written a short but concise & excellent paragraph to describe the process. Hope his post can help you understand the process to make you feel at ease with your progress on habituation so far:

      Tinnitus for 5 Months... Will It Go Away?

      A few more posts down the above post, I added in my 2 cents about how to speed up the process of habituation.
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      Estelle Reed

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      Hello there, thank you for your replies. The @meeruf was very helpful. I screen shot and will read again and again when down on hope. Thanks again

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