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      Hi all,

      It seems my post is similar to many out there, but for the same reason I still want to post this. A faulty head phone gave me a very load noise three weeks ago and since then I've been hearing a ring, getter louder this last week. I went to the GP, couldn't find any wax or anything, so after two minutes the verdict was "tinnitus, might go away, probably there for the rest of your life".

      I took it well, but after four nights of max two hours sleep (waking up as soon as the white noise youtube video runs out) I am in complete panic.

      I know stress makes it worse, but doesn't really help now. I'm a scientist who's work needs concentration in a quiet environment. I can imagine a life where I need constant noise to keep me from going mad. Some people on the forum said that you actually to habituate and masking of noise because unnecessary. That seems quite unlikely now.

      Any ideas how to get through this period? Some people suggested noise cancelling headphones, but I can't seen how that works, as there is no external sound to block.

      Does anybody know some chat boxes or something. Talking to somebody would really help now.
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      Welcome on TT,

      At onset the T can be unstable, since yours is new you still have a chance for it to lower with time. Even if it does not, most people will habituate to their T, but this takes time (several months at least).

      You could try some supplements as well (Magnesium, Vitamin B12, NAC, Zinc...), they could help you to have a better sleep and reduce stress . You might as well take a look at noise masking machine, some pillows integrates one.

      TT hosts a lots of resources, if you're under too much stress don't hesitate to use masking or go there :

      These aren't only mean to mask tinnitus. You will have to take care of your ears. Stay away of loud sounds or wear ear protection. If you don't, your tinnitus will get louder over time.

      Yes, you can try the home page.

      Also, depending on your current location, you might have access to this clinical trial :—-q-a.10629/
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      Love this... Thanks for this wonderful post. I am new to this and my head (and ears) are spinning.

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