New to Tinnitus — I'm Not Going to Change at All

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      Music, manufacturing and genetics I guess.
      Well, after having a blocked eustachian tube and doing the valsalva technique (which I read to do off web md to clear), I have been left with tinnitus in my right ear - cheers lads, you Cowboys -It has been 7 days now. Yeah, I've given up on hope in being in that 1% of sufferers that make a full recovery after a few months etc, but probably in that 99% that have it permanently. Now that's what you call habituation. I'm done surfing the net trying to find miracle stories, even then, that man who claims to be free of tinnitus after "1 year of hell" has strictly not undergone any sort of peer review or external validation. It could just be a made up piece of codswallop.

      I have read so many posts on this forum (probably over a hundred) about how one needs to be careful not to worsen their T. Oh well, I am not going to do that. I'm 26, single and I refuse to change. I am still going to go to bars with my mates, possibly wearing plugs, but the occlusion effect and social perception renders them counterproductive anyway. I'm still going to go to the cinema, I'm still going to listen to my iPod at the gym, I'm still going to go to restaurants, I am still going to shower, flush the toilet, use metal cutlery and convert amino acids into complex protein structures. So what if this ringing gets louder, do your worst. However loud it gets, I'll just shout over it. I cannot imagine myself getting distressed over this ringing in my ear, no matter it's severity. I canny not believe it has driven people into depression or worse. However, my career is ruined, I work as an efficiency advisor in the manufacturing sector, think loud machines easily exceeding 85 decibels everywhere. Oh well, if I can sneak past any Pre occupational health screening without my T being picked up then yeah I'm still going to work in the field, of course, with ear plugs albeit. If not I'll find something else to do for work. Think transferable skills. My T seems quite minor now compared to others, in a sense that I Only focus on it in silence and its masked by my iPod on quarter volume, but if it became a thousand times louder, or if the pitch became a much higher frequency, although it's high now for me, then I would not be bothered by it, again, I'll just shout really loudly over it. Also, I have been known to jumble my words at times but I have noticed that my speech has become more fluent ever since I have had this high pitched ringing in my right ear?

      In essence, some say here that T is a life changing condition, It won't be for me I tell you. You think the Oasis Gallagher boys or Ozzy Osbourne have changed their social tendencies due to their T? I doubt it. In fact, I'm sure I saw Noel Gallagher in Ibiza last year . . . The noise capital of the world.

      PS: I have been taking vitamin C, A, E, B12, cod fish oil, zinc and 5 htp (neurozan) supplements since day 1. Can't get hold of prednisone, but I'm assuming corticosteroids are for swelling anyway and not for damaged hair cells caused by barotrauma? Yeah, I could go to an ENT but I'm pretty sure that they will just confirm my own thoughts THAT I'M ABSOLUTELY FINE.
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