New to Tinnitus and Hearing Loss. I'm Scared for Life and Losing Hope.

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by SignWithSilence, Jun 4, 2018.

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    1. SignWithSilence

      SignWithSilence Member

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      Loud Concerts and Stress
      I have been lurking here for two weeks and I am starting to believe my tinnitus is going to be stay.

      It all started last month when I had a break period in my life before university entrance exams, so I decided to travel and go to some concerts. I used to be depressed, anxious and shy but I have slowly managed to build my through traveling, lifting weights, and being more active in general. I was at the very peak of my life, and I was happier than ever before.

      Right before traveling I had ear pains and went to a doctor to find out what was wrong with me. The doctor told me that my Eustachian Tubes were blocked, but it should go away in time. I even asked if it is okay to go to concerts, and the doctor told me that it would be fine with ear plugs.

      Early May I had a three day music festival. First day when great. Some tinnitus after the event but nothing major. However the next day was really bad. I was very drunk and I was in the front row next to the right speaker for hours. I was drunk enough to blank out, and I don't remember how long I was there. Maybe 3-5 hours? After the second day I went back to my place and noticed massive tinnitus. I just took some ibuprofen and went back sleeping. The tinnitus was still ringing until 13:00 and I vowed never to go to a concert again without ear plugs. At the last concert day I used ear plugs and I had some tinnitus after the event, but not much.

      However after the festival I started to notice that I don't hear as good as before in noisy places such as restaurants and bars. I had to guess way more than usual. I just assumed this was temporary, and that maybe because English isn't my primary language, it isn't always easy to understand others. As time went on I started worrying for my hearing. During my traveling I had ear pains sometimes but I just assumed that was due my blocked eustachian tubes.

      After coming back home I was relieved that I didn't get tinnitus or anything serious, but I did start noticing that my hearing isn't as usual. Then at 19/5 I was hanging out with my friends. Nothing too noisy. We were watching sports, cheering, etc. We weren't even drinking that night. However I had noticed I had hard time understanding others during that time, and also for some reason I felt uncomfortable from the noise. I just assumed that was psychological due the concert events.

      Driving back home I noticed my ears were ringing. Left one especially. I assumed that it was just temporary and went sleeping. However I woke up at 4:00 am, still with awful ringing in my left ear, and I started panicking.

      I went to the doctor couple of days later and the doctor assumed my tinnitus was due blocked eustachian tubes which were opened there by adrenaline. I was prescribed some nose spray and antihistamines. The tinnitus was not bothering me too much, and I didn't have much trouble sleeping. I was concentrating studying on a university entrance exam that was to be had later.

      Then the ringing got worse. I went hanging out with some friends again, and like last time I got awful tinnitus. This time both my left and right were ringing. Left produced cricket sounds or high pitched ringing, right one humming and high pitched ringing. Worsening tinnitus started affecting my concentration a lot and I was feeling hopeless. I did my best to concentrate on studying.

      Within a week my life seems like hell. I botched the university entrance exam because I was so stressed out and fearful for my health, I am now absolutely sure that my hearing is not the same it used to be, and it seems that my left ear is sensitive to sound and hurts.

      Tomorrow I am going to the doctor once again and do my best to explain my condition. My eustachian tubes feel quite open already, and the sprays have not reduced my tinnitus.

      Last few days I have been devastated and losing hope for future and having a normal life. I am even considering quitting my summer job that is supposed to start soon because it is a noisy industrial job.

      I hope that I find some answers from my doctor tomorrow. I do my best to be optimistic but I am afraid right now.
    2. glynis

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      Meniere's Disease
      Welcome to Tinnitus Talk.
      Tinnitus comes with unwanted emotions and it's the not knowing what will happen.
      Only time will tell but for now having your ears checked and hearing and protecting your hearing around extra loud sounds is the best thing for now.
      Keep soft relaxing music on around you or tv or radio if you need a break from your sound.
      You will get lots of support on here and make friends along the way who understand.
      Relax now you have support.
      Love glynis x
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    3. J.Hartog

      J.Hartog Member Benefactor

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      It is normal that you are afraid, tinnitus send me straight to anxiety hell in the beginning. I have tinnitus now 5 years and yes it sucks but you will get over it, the sooner you accept this sound for NOW not forever the sooner you will get to that point and even have a chance to heal quite a bit and maybe even have silence because it happens. One very important thing is tinnitus fluctuates a lot and it feeds on anxiety and depression. When I feel good I dont even hear it anymore. And it can be pretty loud, your brain will block out the sound and I have had times were I had almost silence. But lately it is pretty loud I can hear it over a lot of things but thats due to some troubles in life. My experience when you are calm and relaxed tinnitus volume goes down. Easier said than done offcourse.
    4. dayma

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      You are still early on so don’t be scared. You can still get better.

      I would suggest potentially seeing a therapist as you are having issues coping. They should be able to reference you to CBT/ DBT along with medication (if needed).
    5. Bobby B

      Bobby B Member Benefactor

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      Large caliber rifles&machine guns, +30 years of loud clubs
      Dont do the CBT just yet this is a waste at this stage

      Definitely skip the noisy summer job this will only make it worse and you will regret it for the rest of your life

      You are young this will heal but only of you avoid loud noise for a few months at least

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