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      I'm a new member and would really appreciate if i could be given some insight and potentially a second opinion into my tinnitus and hopefully my chance of improvement.
      I have absolutely no intention of being ignorant or blind to the fact that many people have more severe cases opposed to mine which is currently very mild. However, I hope you can understand my interest in hearing some first hand opinions since I'm only young and quite worried it may worsen.

      I am pretty certain in saying it was noise-induced, predominantly from listening to music with in-ear earphones (my poor judgement and naivety I know).
      I had never experienced ear pain or tinnitus before. I attended a stadium concert in December 2015, and after getting home at 2am and being exhausted, I'm not too sure I can remember if I could hear anything out of the ordinary as I went to sleep. Although with being in the mosh pit of a loud concert for 4 or so hours (supporting acts and all), I'm sure there was obvious damage.

      My mild tinnitus, which is a static noise, and sometimes a morse-code type beep, began about 20 days ago. At the time, I was quite unwell and had an unusual mix of a thumping headache which lasted about 3 days, some nausea, stiff shoulders and some sensitivity to sound. I got some tests done after about a day of feeling sick and all seemed well. After 3 days, my headaches and all went. At the time of going to the doctors, I don't think I mentioned my static noise, because I was assuming that with how unwell I felt, it was just unfortunately part of the package and would fade like my headaches already had. And to be honest, since my tinnitus was quiet, I thought maybe it was simply an electrical device in my room that had static I could hear.

      And sorry to backtrack, but I coincidentally had a hearing test done only a few hours BEFORE my tinnitus became obvious that night. It was a precautionary hearing test for a pre-employment process and after finishing it, I was told I had "great ears". I'm aware that there are cases where tinnitus has no/ little correlation to hearing loss, although I thought I'd just add this extra detail. Either way, I am aware that if i have tinnitus, there is damage.

      20 days later, and it's still here. Although thankfully during the day I dont really notice it unless I am in a rather quiet room and concentrate on it. Sleeping at night does however make it more noticeable. With the window partially open and the sound of insects buzzing here and then, my static noise tends to blend in. And sometimes before bed, when I'm reading a book or doing something, I'll feel like its gone all together...then its as if it suddenly comes back as i concentrate for it. I suppose thats just the process of habituation and making an effort to stop measuring tinnitus and its presence.

      Since having tinnitus, I've pretty much stopped listening to music with earphones and even altogether. I've turned the tv down and have really been alot more careful... something I really wish I did ages ago. My ears sometimes do hurt a little bit now but then settle. I still engage in daily activities like meeting with friends so it's not as if my ears are being over protected.

      When I first realised what this static noise was, I started regretfully searching the internet and came across all kinds of horror stories. I cried , and I thought about ALOT. As time has passed, I do feel more calm. Currently, I can deal with this considerably well. It's the thought of it worsening that terrifies me. I'm sure either way I will have to learn to get used to it all together anyway, but its a concern.

      I realise tinnitus is unpredictable and hence it's difficult to say, but what do people think of my situation and can I afford to be hopeful that it will improve?
      Thankyou so much for your time and answers.
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      not sure
      Welcome to the forum. Your T is mild as you say. Count that as a blessing. If acoustic trauma or noise exposure is the problem, and you have ear pain or ear fullness, then you may want to get some prednisone from the doctor asap. Also, try to protect your ears from more loud noises. Young people can adjust and adapt to T quite well. So don't worry about the future much. If you use caution, and stay active in living your life normally and enjoyably, why worry about something which may never happen. Not all people have worsening T, especially for younger folks. Their young bodies can heal better and faster than older folks. Give it some rest as anxiety, fear and stress are bad for T. Take care & God bless.
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      Head Injury
      Depending on your location, consider enrollment with the AM-101 trial (
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      Noise induced, repeated exposure with loud headphones.
      Hi Valentina,

      It sounds like your experience is exactly the same as mine. We both have noise induced tinnitus from headphones, it's also a static noise that I rarely hear during the day.

      Don't worry about it worsening. It may not get any quieter, although you do have a chance for it to go away completely. The main thing to keep you positive is that over time your brain stops treating it as an intrusive noise and it will stop bothering you. So in a way you don't really need to get used to how it is, that will happen by itself. It helps the process if you try not to think about your noise and abouot having it in future. It sounds like you are already coping with it much better than you were, and this process will continue.

      Definitely don't listen for it. If you find yourself doing that, find a way to move your thought onto something else.


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