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    1. PeterPan

      PeterPan Member

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      Heat Exhaustion
      I am new to Tinnitus and was hoping I might get some help from other members of the forum.
      I am 54, and had it for 3 weeks now.
      I think I got it through heat exhaustion. I was training for some upcoming holiday mountain climbing in a hot humid environment and think I overdid it. On the way down from the mountain (a 900m peak) i became dizzy and experienced ringing in the ears for about 30 mins to an hour. Then 2 weeks later I got Tinnitus.
      Anyway, no use crying over spilt milk!
      For the three weeks I have had it:
      First week: At work. 24 x 7 Tinnitus, although varying in intensity.
      Second Week: Went on the holidays in a foreign (exotic!) country. The first day I was there, and 6 hours after arriving, T disappeared for 36 hours. When I say disappeared, I mean I didn't hear it at all. Over the 7 days of holidays, I didn't have it for about 50% of the time, and when I did, it was lower intensity.
      Third Week: At work. Disappeared for 2 days out of 5.

      I am wondering if the initial patterns of T are indicative of the ongoing patterns? And if the pattern of it completely disappearing for some days is common? And if the reason for the improved state while on holidays would be either less stress, or my brain being too interested in other things to worry about generating Tinnitus noises! And if anyone else has experienced similar results. Also, if anyone has found changing their lifestyle radically has helped with T. I am thinking of retiring soon, and traveling regularly might be on the agenda (and given the above, may help).

      Also, I am keeping a spreadsheet recording the state of the Tinnitus during the day, the quality of sleep the day before, what I ate the day before, the amount of exercise I had the day before, the amount of TV or similar I experienced the evening before, the amount of time I spent reading the day before, etc to try to work out if there are any patterns. I'm not sure if this is a good idea or not, as it might cause be to obsess about T and I understand one of the best therapies is to kind of ignore it. Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions on this.

      Finally I am finding the T is not really impacting my work too much, although at the end of the day, I am a bit anxious to leave as I think I am getting tired more quickly due to possibly annoyance from T. How do other people find out it impacts their work?

      Sorry about all the questions, but if anyone can help at all, that would be much appreciated!
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    2. Baxter

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      I am a new member too, and I don't know how much I can offer in the way of anything supportive, but i figured I would comment since nobody else has (nobody's commented on mine either).

      I'm not sure what brought it on for you. I mean, given the fact that you became dizzy and had ringing at the same time when it first started, maybe it could be Meniere's disease? Although if you haven't had any other bouts of dizziness then it's probably not that.

      My tinnitus also seems to fluctuate like yours, although it's never completely disappeared like yours has. Maybe it has something to do with your emotional state. I'm not really sure what the consensus is on how dependent tinnitus is (the loudness itself, not the disturbance from it) on your emotional state and anxiety.
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    3. Patch101

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      Noise, then again now antibiotics? Virus?
      I find it very hard to record. There are just to many factors.

      I too have thought, "oh, its worse" then later in the day "Oh, its better" but there is just to many inputs during the day to make those micro assessments. I think you can take something like going to bed every night and judge that, or the noise while driving, something consistent with min. outside factors, but even then habitation is a factor.

      I know for example I have had a very very slight improvement from driving around. I also know that I tend to have lower noise when I wake up than when I go to bed.
    4. Samantha R

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      Geelong Australia
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      Sorry to hear you have developed tinnitus.
      I've had mine for a few weeks now, and it's quite erratic too.
      I'm getting better at not focusing on it (I don't check it in quiet rooms anymore)! That has really helped my state of mind.
      I also find the periods I am busy with other things and not thinking about my tinnitus has also increased, and my anxiety has decreased.
      You should probably see a doctor and get a hearing test, if you haven't already done so.
      You actually sound like you are coping really well, I couldn't have continued working when mine started!
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    5. Michael Leigh

      Michael Leigh Member Benefactor

      Brighton, UK
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      April /1996
      @PeterPan Many things can cause tinnitus but the most common is exposure to loud noise. Do you listen to music through headphones? If so, this could be the cause of the tinnitus. Many people don't realize when listening to music through headphones the volume is set far too high and over time this can cause tinnitus. The dizziness with tinnitus you experienced on the mountain could also be an indication of a inner ear problem. If the tinnitus persists and you have other symptoms which wasn't there before it's best to referred to ENT. Hearing loss which you might not be aware of can also cause tinnitus.
    6. PeterPan

      PeterPan Member

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      Heat Exhaustion
      Hey, thanks for your responses, I really appreciate it. In response to Micheal, no I don't listen to music through headphones (and I may make myself unpopular here by saying I don't even like music :)).

      I've now had T for over a month and I have found, either through research or experience:
      • There seems to be a lack of information on the natural course of Tinnitus. That is, there is a not a great deal of research on how it progresses from initial onset. One authoritative web site said that 75% of the time after six months it resolves, but this seems to be at odds with this site (maybe because it is represented by difficult cases?). Seems like no-one really knows the natural course.
      • I am tracking my T via a spreadsheet. Initially I was getting two bad days followed by a good day, but now I am tending to get more 2 good days followed by a bad day (a good day is when I don't hear it most of the time). I initially thought that, oh great, I am different than everyone else. But I found that my form is, in fact, also common, and the 3 day cycle is the most common cycle. Over the last 7 days, I have only had 2 bad days (but today I have it :( ). I've also found so far, I never have more than 2 good days in a row.
      • It appears that there is no research that points to a cure. The only thing I tried was taking a large dose of Niacin (I love Tuna and Vegimite, both high sources of Niacin) which was around the time that BadBadGood turned into BadGoodGood, but highly likely to be coincidental.
      • I find that if I have it in the morning, and I go to my (quiet) office, it generally gets worse throughout the day and it never improves for that day. This has also been reported by others on the Internet. However, if I am out and about, doing exercise, exploring and in a generally busy environment (i.e. not a quiet workplace!), it can improve for that day and even disappear for the rest of the day.
      • I don't have any problems sleeping. In fact it may have even improved as I think I may get more tired during the day when I have T.
      • Of course there are lots of people pedaling cures on the Internet. Neuromonics have some research papers around that, on the surface, look promising, but I remain skeptical.
      I am pinning my hopes on either habituation, some other form of natural improvement, or improvement through a change in lifestyle. I mentioned earlier that I am thinking of early retirement, so this may also potentially help e.g. less working in a stressful corporate environment and more traveling and enjoying life.

      In case anyone is interested, here is a simplified version of my log starting from 2 weeks after onset (when I started recording). G means most of the day I did not hear any ringing, B is everything else:

    7. Jonah

      Jonah Member

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      September 2011
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      Ototoxicity or stress not really sure.
      PeterPan, thanks for sharing your experience. One question - when you say T disappeared and you dont hear it at all is that because you're focused on a different task and not paying attention to it anymore?

      In the past before mine got worse I could easily forget about it when I am up and about with my daily routine.
    8. PeterPan

      PeterPan Member

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      Heat Exhaustion
      Hi Jonah, Thanks for the interest.
      When I say T has disappeared, I really mean it. I can't hear it even if I try!
      Although, I must say that sometimes it is difficult to tell if I have a faint background T or not (in which case I usually rate this as a good day as if I am having difficulty telling if I have ringing or not that is obviously very good!).
      Also, I am finding that once I have a couple of good days in a row, I start to feel very good about myself and start to think that it is going to go away for good (only for it to return with vengeance the next day :( ). And vice-versa - If I am having a bad day, I start to get anxious and get the feeling it may not go away. Obviously I have to get these feelings under control. I find it very interesting that other people on the Internet have expressed exactly these symptoms, and also, exactly these feelings!

      As for monitoring, I think I will quit after maybe 2 months because monitoring does tend to bring you back to focus on your T, which is probably not good. But maybe I will monitor for 2 months every 12 months, or something similar. If anyone got any ideas or suggestions on monitoring, that would be appreciated.
    9. MikeP505

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      Ontario Canada
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      Punishment for being so darn good looking!
      Damn, my tinnitus is so flippin loud it's impossible to not hear it. I do my hardest not to monitor it but it's always there, raging on like crazy. Only time I get ANY relief is when I am in a deep sleep. So lucky you for not having this nasty business anymore. Hope it stays that way for you!!

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