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      Now if anyone had told me before that I would have this issue - I’d call them crazy.

      But, here we are.

      My tinnitus started 01/2018 the week before my last semester of college. To be honest, it just sort of happened. Maybe it was the stress, maybe it was something else; but, suddenly I had a high pitched ringing in my ears and to me - that was the end of the world. I couldn’t sleep, I became irritable, I was incredibly anxious, and I was about to have the hardest semester of my life.

      In the beginning, I cried a lot. I mean, straight depression. I scoured the internet for information. I just wanted a solution - something to grab onto and help me cope. Maybe some of you guys reading this are in that situation right now.

      Honestly, there is a lot of negative stuff on the internet about tinnitus and a lot of people suffer from it. If you’ve scoured the internet like me you’ve probably seen it. However, there is a lot of positive people and stories too. So, I’m going to add to that positive-ness.

      This is what worked for me.

      I decided that I wasn’t going to let tinnitus ruin my grades so I studied more than I ever had before. I stayed on campus from morning to night. Being busy helped me not focus on my ears and my anxiety.

      I got all As. Sleeping got a little easier. I could here it over my fan at night but I wasn’t as worried.

      In turn, that newfound work ethic helped me land a job out of college.

      Now, I can’t speak for everyone because everyone has different tinnitus but here’s my advice from someone who has dealt with it for a little while.

      1. Anxiety/Stress is your enemy. Find a way to destress. A good one is showers or something to distract yourself from the noise.

      2. Talk to a doctor. Get on a track to possibly solve your tinnitus. Yes - this can be harrowing. I’ve been to a lot of doctors. But, this helps ease racing thoughts at the possibilities of what caused your tinnitus.

      3. Talk to family/friends. Have people support you. I’m sure other people on this forum as well as myself would love to lend a helping hand.

      4. Don’t read too much. One of the first steps for me to feel better was to stop looking stuff up about tinnitus since it can be depressing. There is a lot of doom and gloom.

      In the end I still have tinnitus - but, it’s gotten a little better. I don’t feel as depressed all the time. I feel like I have part of my life back and keep trying to be better every day.

      I have high hopes for you guys too.

      Best wishes,

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      hahaha happened to me the same as you, last quarter of the race. Studying surgery was crazy with the beep. Thank you very much for your comment friend, happy year and lots of encouragement! Keep going!!!
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      That sounds rough - glad you got through it :)
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