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Discussion in 'Support' started by akagionman, Feb 23, 2014.

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      Hello everyone.
      My ears started ringing Wednesday night, and progressively got louder have maintained a constant high pitch for a few days. I went to the ER the day after they started, and was told about T, and give some antibiotics in case there was an ear infection, and a referral toa ENT doctor.
      Leading up to this starting, In the past month, some lifestyle changes were:
      I tried to quit smoking and purchased an ecig and various juices to vape instead.
      My friend said it seemed liked I was doing that more than when i was smoking. They were 24 mg and 18 mg juices.
      Started taking a multivitaman.
      The night that it started, i had my prescription for wellbutrin (generic ) and it was from a different company, imprint A 101. It
      Is being taken for depression for about 5 years.
      On valentines day, me and my girlfriend split up, which brought upon alot of stress.
      Wondering if the ecigs was the culprit, i stopped vaping this past friday, and smoke real cigarettes sparingly, and laying off the caffiene because I've read those can worsen the T. Also, the past month ive been using an otc nasal inhaler.

      The T is too distracting to watch tv, but talking my head off seems to distract me a bit. Sleep has been hell. Melatonin and earphones with a guided meditation.

      So any input, experience, hope, anything, would be greatly appreciated.

      Thank you for reading and your time.
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      mid seventies
      You're taking many positive steps. Good for you.
      Try this - measure your response to your T. Don't measure the volume and frequency of your T, just measure your reaction to it. Because your reaction is something you have control over and that will lead to some habituation.
      And keep those earplugs handy.
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      Thanks for the response.

      Earplugs? I haven't got any, but Ive stuck my fingers in my ears to see if that would help, and the ringing is still heard loud and clear. Is there a particular brand/style that would make a difference?

      Today was horrible. I work as a dealer at a casino, and had to leave early. The T has been nonstop and maddening loud since Friday. I began feeling light headed and nauseous and my blood pressure checked by an on-duty EMT, an it was high. I left work early, freaked, and made my way to Urgent Care, but by the time I got there, my bp was fine. So I've been doing a good job of working myself up. If the T wasn't constant and so high pitched it might be more bearable.
      I experienced vertigo a few years ago, with no ringing or anything and antivert worked to get me back to normal.
      I have a prescription on hold at a pharmacy, but does anything think that's worth filling and seeing if it would help?

      Tomorrow, it is my priority to be seen by an ENT doctor, if I have to call a hundred of them before I find one that can see me. I just can't grasp how anyone can live day in and day out with how my ears are ringing.

      I bought unison sleep aid for tonight. Does anyone know of any more natural aids that actually work. I purchased melatonin last night but it did a poor job of helping me sleep.

      I'm going to browse this site an read stories on here, but any words of encouragement, experience, hope is greatly welcomed.


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