Newbie Here — Does Anyone Else Suffer From Musical Tinnitus? It's Making Me Feel Crazy!

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Th123, May 7, 2015.

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      I haven't been diagnosed yet and I really don't have ringing in my ears. What I have is a sensitivity to certain noises and when I lay down at night I here music that's not there! Seems to be triggered my box fan! Sometimes I here parts of the same song repetively! It was worse when on Prozac and adderal but I have not been on any medication in months now and still have this problem. Just wondering if anyone else has had this?
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      not sure
      Don't despair and panic Th123. I have read about this condition many times. It is not as unusual as you think. This phenomenon is called musical hallucination, a form of tinnitus. British Tinnitus Association (BTA) has written about this.

      You can also google music hallucinations and find other sites talking about it including Wikipedia. Relax. It is not a serious condition though it is a bit strange. If this can help you relax, I provide this video link of William Shatner (Capt Kirk of Star Trek) and David Letterman talking about their own T. In it you can hear Shatner mentioning that he knows of someone with this 'musical' tinnitus and the song repeated is the national anthem and she would stand up every time the anthem repeats. LOL.

      David Letterman with William Shatner - March,...
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    3. th123, I have the EXACT same thing as you, musical tinnitus triggered by fans and air conditioners! It's usually worse when I lay down. I have had so many panic attacks about it because it's strange and frightening.
      I was wondering, do you use high amounts of salicylic acid products or aspirin? I've heard that they could cause this form of tinnitus. Do you have any updates on how your tinnitus is now? Have you seen a doctor about it?
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      Noise induced
      If you always have a constant fan or ac on while sleeping you're brain will memories that sound dw , just cut them off and it should be gone
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      Seroquel usually treats this form of 'musical tinnitus', if it can be classified as tinnitus.
      It's probably more of a mild case of psychosis, but hey, it's most likely treatable.
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      Sounds preferable to constant ringing. And you know for sure it's all in your head this way - your ear is not going to be sending you music!

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