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      Hi all,nice to find you!" I was about to start buying rubbish remedies off the net when I Googled forums and found this. In my heart of hearts I knew they would'nt work but now I don't need to go through the depressing process of getting my money back! My T started about a month ago, following some plumbing work our pipes made a humming noise, which made me listen out for a noise. The night before a big interview I could no longer tell if the noise was me or the pipes and the listening seems to have triggered or (made me aware of) T. I have damaged my hearing over the years by listening to loud music and working as a teacher, classes of young kids can get very noisy, and in a music venue. Mines not too bad, I only really notice it at night and I am trying hard not too give it too much attention. My heart goes out to anyone suffering badly, you must be strong to keep going. I knew straight away it was irreversible but i guess the time has come to see my Dr about it, although I hold little hope that it will help. Bless you all and Thanks for your support. Fran
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      You figured out how not to get scammed by the innumerable tinnitus scams out there. Good :)

      Some people use distractions at night to fall asleep more easily. Long ago i used nature sounds. Now i need absolutely nothing. Sound damage is cumulative so you need to tone down the music volume a bit and protect you ears while in a too noisy ambiance. But not all the time, only around too loud noise.

      I would love to notice my tinnitus only at night ;)
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