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      Mine bothers me when it is really quiet. Falling asleep was hard, but recently my girlfriend recommended we get a fan in the room. It even has a white noise setting, low rpms and such. Seems to help, but only by taking my mind off the sound in my head for the sound in the room.

      As for the rest of the day, I don't usually notice it. But at night it can go from a low volume, high pitch noise to one with a pulsing heartbeat added on to of it.

      Just looking for some ideas to help cope as there does not seem to be any real fix for this.

      Thanks for listening!
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      @jtala Since your tinnitus low try to keep it that way and don't use headphones even at low volume. Buy an Oasis sound machine model: S650, and use it by your bedside or connect it to a pillow speaker. Keep the volume slightly below the tinnitus, don't try to mask cover up the tinnitus. If you go to clubs or cinema where loud sounds are played, use noise reducing earplugs.
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