No Ear Wax After I Got Tinnitus?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Erlend, Sep 13, 2013.

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      I got T 4 months ago. I can't remember ever that I've got any real amount of ear wax since? My ear buds used to get ear wax on them when I used them, I used to produce quite a lot.

      But now, nothing? I don't drink any less than I used to? Is it that I take a lot more showers now compared to before? (It drowns out the noise, also, I like it, hehe)

      Any ideas or similar experiences?
    2. Markku

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      The increased showers probably are the reason - since as far as I know tinnitus can't stop the production of ear wax! That'd be one more to the list.

      Here's a good article about ear wax & tinnitus (although it doesn't apply to your situation directly since you don't have extra wax buildup):

      I regularly use ear buds to listen to music and in my use they get dirty very quickly. I need to buy new tips quite frequently. It's a real hassle - I wish I produced less.

    3. EddyLee

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      This is what happened to me too! Used to have noticeable ear wax built up every day but since T started i rarely notice it. And interestingly since i got my T reduced significantly i start to notice more wax built up again. This probably has a connection with T...
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      Maybe loud music. Not sure.
      @EddyLee how did you reduce your T ?
    5. EddyLee

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      @James White I think one or all of these contribute to my T reduction
      1. Getting rid of my chronic GERD with healthier diet
      2. Taking vitamin B12 & D (i was diagnosed quite low)
      3. Exercise frequently

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