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      Loud Noise
      Hi there folks,

      The name's Axel or MrSoKoLoV (gaming name) and I wanted some people to talk to who experience the same things as I do. I live in Belgium but there isen't any forum for Tinnitus sufferers there so I thought why not try this one.

      I got my tinnitus about 2 years ago. I remember the date exactly, the night from 21 april till the 22nd. I was jut laying in my bed trying to fall asleep when I suddenly heard this sharp tone in my ear. At first I thought it was a noise from outside, later on I checked my television and radio but it still went on. Only after that I realised it was was my ears, at least that was what I thought then, now I know it's actually my brains doing all this. I have to admit, I caused it myself. I used to listen to my MP3 at night at high volumes and once in a while I got this sharp tone after stopping with it, but it always went away. Had I know this was a warning I would have slapped and kicked my self but I didn't knew...I wish I had.

      As you can imagine the first days were hell. Living with a sharp tone in both "ears" with no way to turn it off or lower the volume. I complained to my parents (live at home) but they told me it will go away. Since this is a thing we all experience once in a while, like when you dive deep under water and come up again.

      It did not disappear...and I was becoming depressed. So I visited my doctor and she gave me Ginkgo Biloba and other medicine wich I took for two months. But nothing changed, either positive or negative. Then I went to a specialist who measured my ability to hear different noises at certain volumes. He didn't see anything abnormal and concluded that there was nothing wrong.

      So I could only try to "solve it" on my own. Since then I always sleep with a clock in my room (2 to be exact at the moment). The tikking distracts me from the sharp tone. During the day I don't nottice it anymore, it's only when I want to sleep. I have to be honest I don't call it a loud volume but it does spike sometimes or even changes. I actually hear two tones, a sharp tone I would compare to a testscreen they used to show on older televions and a sort of rumble, like the noice you hear when driving on the highway.

      Today when I got home late it suddenly went up and stayed like this untill this very moment. So again I will have to try to make it through this next period of adapting. I am afraid though since I have this feeling it will someday go beyond a livable volume. Lastly it's like nobody really believes it since they can't hear or see it. I sometimes think that they believe I am all making it up, imaging it. Anyway, that's my long story, thanks for your time!

      PS: I hopy my English isen't to bad, I try the best I can.
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      Acoustic trauma from headphones
      Hey Sokolov - I'm like you, I can remember the scenario in which I first remember my tinnitus clearly. I was sitting in my room, just finished watching an episode of a TV show with my headphones on, and after it finished, I sat there, and immediately noticed a piercing ringing in my ears. I knew something was totally wrong immediately, and I checked the volume on my computer. The OS volume and movie player application volume were both maximum. As fucked up as it sounds, not even 2 weeks prior I was hearing horrible high pitched ringing and thought something was going on with my room or me, and then found out it was an appliance I owned that was making the sound, letting me sleep silently once I figured that out. I don't know why, but I almost knew right away it was something serious and not going to be easily dealt with, and here I am, 1.5 years after the incident and I still have it, but I'm able to do things in life better now with it than I did when I first "contracted" it.

      This place is great, everyone here is an awesome person, and together we can crowdsource info and data and help push towards the cure collectively.
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      Probably headphones
      Audiophile headphone listening a probable cause here as well. Sucks.
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      Since you live not far from Antwerp, you could be interested in this clinic :

      They don't have the miracle cure but they are very up-to-date when it comes to tinnitus neuromodulation. It was founded by a world renowned tinnitus researcher. I have been there where they were at the UZA Antwerp and their rockstar physician had not yet emigrated to New Zealand. I have tried there many medicines and electrical stimulations without success.

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