No Tinnitus for 2.5 Years — Now Antibiotics Brought It Back — I Will Heal and So WILL YOU

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by PhoenixBURNING, Apr 11, 2019.

    1. PhoenixBURNING

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      Stress, antibiotics
      Hello everyone,

      I just want to spread some hope. I had silenced my tinnitus for over 2 years. Here's how:

      I gave up gluten, sugar, coffee, smoking, drinking and fast food. I also started therapy to cope with past trauma/ stress/ depression and anxiety. I did Reiki, acupuncture and acupressure, drank more CLEAN water and also began yoga and meditation.

      The pulsing in my ear gradually went away and... I'm ashamed to admit that I took it for granted and in time, went back to drinking coffee, eating fast food, stressing and not working out. I had a baby and let things slide. Forgot totally about the freaking tinnitus!

      Then I got a gum infection and was put on ANTIBIOTICS and boom - the bitch is back. So I'm here starting again to CURE it and this time the changes will be for good. BTW DO NOT TAKE ANTIBIOTICS if you can avoid it and focus on eating clean, living clean and being happy. STRESS is a HUGE trigger.

      Incurable JUST means CURABLE from within... do not give up hope... that leads to stress and depression which is a trigger. Pamper yourself. Do everything in your power to relax and release all toxins from your life... that could mean way more than food. It could be thoughts, trauma or even negative people. Good luck. I will update this thread as I continue to progress.

      Sending everyone healing rays including myself.

      PS: watch comedies and read good books... You WILL heal (and so will I).
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    2. Tony Phylactou

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      Low 20 years high sept 2016
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      Cement factory noise lowT,then stress high T
      Thanks for sharing. How long did it actually take for tinnitus to go away after taking all those actions?

      I am sure you can do it again. Keep us posted.
    3. BrStan@

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      Acoustic trauma
      What was the name of the antibiotic?

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