Non-Loud Sound/Background Sound and Your Tinnitus

Discussion in 'Support' started by John CC, Aug 20, 2018.

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      Phone ring tone directly in my ear/hearing loss 15% l, 25% r
      Hello everyone. Yes another question. So, I take it that only loud sounds may trigger a spike response? What about the other sounds that are not loud. Will these sounds not really affect your tinnitus? So if you are out at a coffee shop and it is not that loud, and your tinnitus gets a little loud/angry it is more a reflection of its own fluctuating characteristics than the background noise?

      I feel this is an important distinction, as it could cause undue stress if one is sitting in a coffee shop for example, having a glass of water thereby negating the effects of coffee (this comment obviously does not apply to CoffeeGirl who I have the greatest respect for her dedication to the mean bean) and one's tinnitus gets a little loud/angry. If you feel it is a normal fluctuation, it is one way to handle it; however, if you think "What, it is not that loud, why is this getting my tinnitus to spike" and you think you can't even go out without your tinnitus being affected, your stress levels can go up considerably, you stop going out, and the walls can close in.

      When new Tinnitus Talk members write in the Introduction Section, I tend to respond with an attempt to share with them some basic information to help them navigate the startup period that I have found good to know ie. things to do/expect that were helpful to me. Is this something I can add to my list, When outside and your tinnitus fluctuates is normal, don't panic, but avoid loud noises as this can affect your tinnitus??? I feel it is better to protect your ears by remaining in more quiet areas, though I realize too much protection can also backfire. It is an interesting balancing act.

      Any thoughts???
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      Hey @John CC, I decided to have a look at your posts as you commented on mine and so I came across this one.

      For me, my tinnitus does not particularly react to loud sounds. Mine flares up from certain frequencies/sounds that resemble wind, computer fans, aircon, coolerd, anything with a wooshing sort of characteristic.
      It drives me insane sometimes but it also means I know what to avoid, and sometimes it is a little random. Yesterday I worked in my aunt's garden for the sake of having something to do and did so for a good 10 hours. I had a great day and I noticed my tinnitus would want to start spiking from the wind but it never really did, and as soon as I'd move inside I would be left with only my ear beep which doesn't really bother me.
      Today I woke up quiet, ear beep only, maybe a little head buzz but bothing annoying. I get up, watch some netflix, blow dry my hair, make breakfast... all good. Then I decide to go out into the sun, in my garden, and read a book with yesterday's success in mind. The moment I set foot outside I can hear my head T starting to rear itself on the wind and rustling of leaves, but I hoped it wouldn't pick up like yesterday. It went properly crazy after just 20 minutes outside! The only difference with yesterday I can think of is that today I am properly tired, so maybe that makes it more susceptible?

      I decided to go to the gym wearing earplugs and actually managed to calm it down a bit while training and after I got back home it subsided mostly over an hour of Netflix again.

      For me this again confirms which I have found ever since the start, that my T reacts mostly to those particular sounds more than anything else.

      I am operating on the idea that I thus have mild hyperacusis which unfortunately makes my T not so mild. I am hoping once my H settles down, my T will become less of a problem.
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      Noise Exposure (Headphones)
      It can raise from not loud sounds if you have hyperacusis/reactive tinnitus.

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