Nonstop Intermittent Noise (One Ear)

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      Just curious if anyone else has this. Now on month 4, and still no signs of stopping. Back in September, I developed a new noise in my right ear; a lower pitched almost beeping like sound that runs 24/7 and is the first "intrusive" noise I've developed since coming down with a bilateral high-pitched tinnitus squeal back in 2011, after a couple of ear infections.

      I'm having a very difficult time describing it exactly, but it's like a static / white noise that stops and starts every second or two, like a second of static, a second of silence, a second of static, a second of silence, two seconds of static, a second of silence, a second of static, a second of silence, half a second of static, a second of silence, etc etc. It is *not* in line with my pulse, and is in *addition* to the 24/7 high-pitched squeal I've had since 2011. I don't find that it has any reaction (good or bad) to noise.

      This is like something being switched on and off constantly, including a really awkward split-second noise each time whatever it is is being "flipped" on. It varies in intensity, and will actually stop for brief periods if I'm doing something intensive, like exercising (either it goes away, or there's a constant higher pitched squeal that blocks it out; either way, I don't notice it for some time after being active). It's maddening, honestly, and I'm not sure if it's "garden variety" tinnitus. Additionally, this same ear feels "full" a lot to the point where there's a sensation of pressure in my right ear when I talk, quite a bit. I also felt brief fluttering sensations around the time that it started back in September.

      I'm seeing another ENT in two weeks, so I want to be sure this is specifically checked out. My hearing checked out normal on the last audiogram a couple of months ago. Naturally, when the last ENT couldn't help me in October, his answer was "well, at least you're not a quadriplegic" (no joke).

      One other thing that's worth mentioning that I can't totally make sense of. I've tried the valsalva maneuver a host of times to resolve the pressure sensation, and I do notice that as soon as I breathe the air in, oftentimes there's a sensation around the right ear (bad ear) a split second later that lasts for a half second of so like I'm hearing it store the air. Again, doesn't make sense, and also started alongside this new sound.

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