Nortriptyline for Hyperacusis Nerve Pain

Discussion in 'Support' started by weab00, Oct 28, 2020.

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      After hearing about @musicblue's success with managing pain hyperacusis on Nortiptyline, I am extremely interested in taking this AD. Only thing is that I'm paranoid about potential ototoxicity and other adverse effects.

      Anyone else here ever taken Nortriptyline specifically for chronic pain/hyperacusis?

      ADs get a bad wrap especially on this forum, but I am looking for objective experiences and not speculation.
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      I take it at 50mg - it helped the most severe aspects of my tinnitus. I can't really say if it helped my hyperacusis - I still get occasional pings of pain hyperacusis - mine is not a severe case. It helped my visual snow. It did not seem to make any of the 3 worse.
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