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      Good morning

      I'm Andy, I live in London. I've been awake since 5, with a particularly loud high-pitch and all the other noises I get.

      I typed "How loud is my tinnitus" into Google and the first result brought me to this forum so I decided to join. :) I was wondering if I could discover precisely how loud in dB my tinnitus is, as I was lying in bed and a plane went overhead. I live on the flight path to Heathrow so the noise from the jets are reasonably loud, however not as loud as the whooshing and whistle in my head. :/ I was thinking how interesting it would be to show other people exactly what I have to endure. Today it's particularly loud, completely distracting, concentration consuming, and I'm feeling pretty low as a result.

      I think one thing I find depressing, is the feeling of isolation, that I suffer alone. Of course that's not the case, I can see from similarly titled threads. I feel for you all, I really do, this noise is driving me insane today!

      I've got some good headphones and I'm listening to music which is drowning out the noise in my head. I'd rather be asleep in bed, however, enjoying a Sunday morning lie-in.

      I'll join some discussions and I'm keen to read about what alleviates it or offers relief on some of the other threads. I think it'll be good to chat about it.

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      not sure
      Welcome Andy. We are not alone in isolation. Millions have tinnitus. Celebrities have tinnitus. Google celebrities with tinnitus and you will get a long list. It is just that the medical world hasn't recognized our need or that they are lagging behind in discovering a cure for it. So doctors can't do a thing without a proven drug and without operation. But it is getting more and more now that new drugs are being tested, such as AM-101 and Autifony. Members have reported some good result ready. We also have trobalt who some members are saying that it has helped. Celebrities are talking about tinnitus in talk show like this one with David Letterman and William Shatner, even back 1996. So it is getting the words around.

      David Letterman with William Shatner - March,...

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