Not Sure What This Is Exactly Related To (TMJ, ETD, Hyperacusis... Who Knows?)

Discussion in 'Support' started by demi, May 16, 2014.

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      TMJ, ETD, Hyperacusis .... who knows - maybe someone here does!

      Today I was eating a bar of crispy chocolate and it was hard to bite down on and my jaw cracked and then I got a shot of pain to my ear that is still there. That ear is also crackling now more than it used to. Also it feels a little full.

      Any idea?
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      Sometimes when I am chewing I get a bit of ear pain, which literally only happens when I chew. It reminds of being on a plane when it is descending and sucking on a sweet, which causes pain in the ear, so I am putting down to ETD. This has only happens three times at most and my jaw has never cracked though.

      Maybe it is something to do with TMJ?
    3. I have severe tmj and get the same thing.

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