Now Symptom Free: Stress Caused My Tinnitus

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Hayley.S, Oct 26, 2018.


Has stress caused your tinnitus?

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    1. Hayley.S

      Hayley.S Member

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      I am a advocate for neuroplasticity and became symptom free many years ago from debilitating anxiety.

      The Linden Method is the best out there for anxiety. And similarly tinnitus responds to neuroplasticity in the same way.

      I developed tinnitus symptoms 4 weeks ago during moving home. I knew it was more than a coincidence, but still got pulled into the fear cycle despite what I knew about fear, its symptoms and neuroplasticity. It caught me off guard.

      I'm symptom free again after finally getting my brain to accept the symptoms were a result of extreme stress.

      Julian Cowan Hill, sorry if I have got his name wrong and Joey Remenyi are telling it how it is despite what is causing your tinnitus, the same methods of not fighting the symptoms, but being proactive in learning about stress reduction and neuroplasticity.

      I can promise you that you can recover and enjoy life again. I'm an ex mental health nurse and counsellor and know absolutely how science proves your symptoms can get better!
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    2. JohnAdams

      JohnAdams Member Benefactor Hall of Fame

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      May 1st 2018
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      Aspirin Toxicity/Possibly Noise
      You didn't have chronic noise induced tinnitus. You did probably have stress related nervous system problems, which you thankfully recovered from. Your advice is not relevant for most of us however.
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    3. Shelly75

      Shelly75 Member

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      Noise induced
      It doesn’t really matter how you got tinnitus. We are hearing our auditory system on hyper alert and having a limbic reaction to it. Take the limbic response out and T won’t be an issue
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    4. TLion

      TLion Member

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      stress/loud concert
      How exactly did you do it?
    5. AUTHOR

      Hayley.S Member

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      You first have to really understand neuroplasticity and how the Brain creates new neural pathways depending on your behaviour. It isn't always easy and it takes practice.

      Trust me it works. I am an expert in anxiety recovery, as oppose to tinnitus recovery,( no matter what the cause. Noise induced, hearing loss, stress etc.) Joey Remenyi is the expert. Watch her you tube videos. but neuroplasticity works for things like chronic pain no matter what the cause. Look at the science, it should make complete sense. I'm not saying this to give false hope, I truly believe in the power of rewiring the brain.

      And to Shelley 75, I used the method I used to free me from debilitating anxiety. It's not possible to explain it all here, but acceptance and more importantly ,not fearing the symptoms while engaging in the things you love most despite your symptoms will allow you to get minutes of relief at first and it then initiates an upward positive mind set cycle aka neuroplasticity.

      Look at The Linden Method, there's loads of free info . Constant googling though is one thing that can hold us back.

      So I won't post again, as I'm only newly symptom free and want to keep it that way. I do hope you find this helpful and wish you all the best for a complete recovery, WHICH IS ABSOLUTELY POSSIBLE. lots of love x
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