Odd Feelings and Discomfort in One Ear Only

Discussion in 'Support' started by russiancarl, Aug 30, 2014.

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      Hey everyone, this may seem like a weird post but I'm having some trouble with one of my ears ... the good one!! I've had tinnitus issues with my left forever and some slight hearing loss in the high frequencies but nothing severe. Good ol' righty has been fine until now.

      About a month and a half ago I had an episode where my ear started hurting while driving. Kind of a pressurized feel but I wasn't going up or down hills and I wasn't driving with windows up / down on the highway. It made me feel a bit woozy and dizzy when I stopped driving and I kind of chalked it up to a weird migraine.

      However, it came back this past Wednesday. It's an odd sort of discomfort. Not super painful by any means but highly annoying as I don't know what it is and driving seems to make it worse. I'm not sure if it's the speed or the road noise but it's just not that pleasant and I have a big 10+ hour drive coming up that I want to make.

      Anyone ever have this? When I described it to the ENT a month or so ago we both said it didn't seem typical of hyperacusis and that it wasn't anything to worry about. The TMJD specialist I just saw on Wednesday for my splint fitting said it could be from the TMJD but why would it be on one side?

      I will tell you that I think stress triggers it... I just don't understand why it's in one ear and how I can make it go away. I'd really like to make this drive but I'm a bit scared of it at the moment.

      I'm scared it will actually hurt my ear and make my tinnitus worse. The ENT said it shouldn't so did the TMJD person but ugh it's just so darn strange and they didn't really take me too seriously.


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