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      Hello, I am male, 41 from Lithuania. I had tinnitus since my childhood (causes are unknown) and except few anxiety episodes I wasn't bothered very much since then. I have slight hearing loss which is common for people using headphones very often. I don't thing this is the case why I have Tinnitus. Probably it's just hypersensitivity. I've read an article in my youth that almost 40% of people get it someday sooner or later in their life and that was enough to calm me down.

      Tinnitus was quiet enough so if I wasn't searching for it during the day, I usually wasn't paying attention to it. I've learned to go to sleep listening to the quiet background music. If there's no music I learned to listen the sound of my own breathing or clock ticking besides my bed. So I lived with my tinnitus in friendship and that was a very comfortable life. So it proves for me that this is possible.

      This year in June after allergy, stress and anxiety when I realised that have developed eye floaters one single thought that I will go blind and having tinnitus constantly ringing in my ears scared me to the point that I have realised that my T became much louder than before. I had panic attack when it seemed to me that T is getting louder and louder and my head will explode. Masking doesn't really help. since my T is very high pitched.

      It's already 2 months passed and it seems that I am learning to habituate with it again. I will post about my findings in another section.
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      Gruodis, thank you for sharing your expirences. I too sleep with noise on, two fan work well and I am starting to get the idea behind TRT .

      Panic attacks are horrible, I am sure you will get them under control...

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