One Flight, Two Descents!

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      As flying often comes up one here I thought I would share my story from yesterday. I flew from London to Newark yesterday, I fly fairly frequently without any problems.

      I do take a few minor precautions such as noise cancelling headphones but to be honest one of the things I like about flying is that the aircraft noise completely masks my T so I only use the headphones if there is a film I particularly want to watch.

      I often fly trans Atlantic without switching my entertainment system on and just read, I only use earplugs to sleep on night flights. I chew gum on descent. One of the things I love about the approach to Newark Liberty Airport is the view of Manhattan on the approach.........yesterday I got to see it twice!!

      It was very windy in Newark yesterday and therefore very bumpy as we made our descent, having got to within 20ft of the ground (I kid you not) the pilot aborted the landing and we went up and around for a second attempt.

      The second approach was still a bit bumpy but a text book landing..............our flight that had been due to arrive 30 minutes early had now arrived on time and my chewing gum had completely lost it's flavour ha ha!!

      I know some people worry about equalising Eustachian tubes etc on descent all I can say is I did two descents in less than half an hour and my T is absolutely fine today.
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