One Month with Tinnitus. Advice?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Mark P, Dec 28, 2015.

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      I started hearing ringing in my left ear about 5 weeks ago, or so. I either got it from 1) A concert or 2) lexapro. I started lexapro and went to a show the same weekend, and noticed ringing a few days later. Went to doc, he said ear was plugged up and he cleaned it and said that should resolve. Unfortunately, it helped, but not all that much.

      About a week ago, the sound seemed to migrate from my left ear, to more centralized in my head. It's the strangest thing.

      I'm a 31 y/o male with a history of generalized anxiety (moderately severe at times). I was going through a particular rough patch, hence starting lexapro, but after 2 weeks, I stopped the meds b/c of ringing.

      I go to ENT in January.

      Any advice? Am I screwed? Is it a good sign it's more centralized in my head than ear?

      Thanks so much,

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      Neuronmodulation suggests noise induced?
      In general Tinnitus is never a good sign,i'm about to start a Lexapro " regiment " myself.
      I wanted to try it because my serotonin levels in my brain might be too low.
      Some people have suggested that might be a reason of T onset,I have taken
      anti depression meds in the past (Mirtazapine) and figured I might need a new treatment.
      I'm getting hesitant though as many people report your side-effect.
      I think technically speaking T is always in your head it just emits a missing loop trough your ears.Or the overreactive neurons somehow stimulate the auditory part of your brain which is consistent with a phantom pain loop and you being the only one to hear it.A missing limb is quite obvious to see and diagnose,them not being able to detect it makes it even more of a phantom symptom.
      (The latter being an opinion)
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      Some say anti-depressants save their lives, some say ruin them. Work with your doc, but get some alternate opinions. I'm taking St. John's Wort right now, and it's stood up well in trials to anti-depressants (and placebo!). I've always hated the way anti-dressants make me feel, and I'm still uncertain as to whether it is the cause of what I'm going through with this T.

      I went to the audio notch webpage ( and have discovered that I seem to have high-frequency hearing loss, esp in my left ear. I can only hear up to 15,500hz in my right ear and about 14,000hz in my left. I just don't know what's normal?? I know babies can hear up to 20,000!
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      Loud noise
      All tinnitus is different mate. Left ear, right ear, buzzing, ringing, whooshing, constant, infrequent, and in head.
      It's all tinnitus and there's no good or bad signs. Just tinnitus.

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