Ototoxic Tinnitus Recovery (Cause of Tinnitus: Venlaflaxine i.e. Effexor)

Discussion in 'Support' started by Nick in az, Oct 31, 2015.

    1. Nick in az

      Nick in az Member

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      July 2015
      Had this wonderful gift for just over 3 months now, July 21st to be exact. Came from use of effexor, which I have not taken in 6 weeks I would say, maybe slightly less. Anyone have any knowledge about the potential full recovery from drug induced tinnitus being? I know it is the lesser and more likely to clear up of the two main causes. The other being noise induced. Have done a little research but am curious as to what others may have experienced or know about the likelihood of full recovery.

      Tinnitus generally only bothers me greatly in the morning except on days like today where I can't stop focusing on it. I hope you all are managing well! There's hope for us all! Stay strong!
    2. Telis

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      Drugs barotrauma
      I think it depends on how much damage was done. Did you loose any hearing? I was put on Effexor for tinnitus which made my tinnitus way worse. I'm only off just recently, I'm hoping it can calm down some over the next year or so.
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    3. Nick in az

      Nick in az Member

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      July 2015
      My hearing is above average still. No damage done in ear itself. I'm sorry you have to struggle as I do. Gets easier though. How are you managing?
    4. Thericker

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      Hey Nick,

      I got the gift after being treated with antibiotics for meningitis. After 4 months it completely disappeared. Hoping the same for you.
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    5. Nick in az

      Nick in az Member

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      July 2015
      I hope you are right! That would be glorious. Is it gone, or just un noticeable?
    6. JohnK

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      San Francisco
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      Who knows?
      What miracle antibiotics were these??
    7. krazyjim

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      after Meningitis (brain bacteria infection)
      Also got Tinnitus after being treated with antibiotics for meningitis. Noticed you said it went away in four months. I am looking forward to that!

      Any insight on how to manage in the meantime would be greatly appreciated!
    8. Davechurcher

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      Effexor widthdrawl
      Hey lads
      I was on Effexor for mild anxiety for 1.5 years. Started to come off it a few weeks back. Got tinnitus as a little New Year's Day gift just before my last lowest dose to finish. Insane ringing now. Doctor checked my ears to day found no issue with hearing etc. he suspects it will disappear after a week or so once the drug is completely out my system.
      Fingers crossed! I'll keep you updated
    9. kevino

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      Bad news here got it from Effexor in 2008, still have it. Also, high frequency hearing loss.

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