Oxygen Ion 3000 Therapy for Treating Tinnitus — My Review

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      This is very unknown therapy, I didn't find much about it on the internet, especially about treating tinnitus with this. Yet one ENT in my proximity openly advertises this as a tinnitus treatment and has many people going there using this. I was also one of them, unfortunately.

      How it works? Very similarly to HBOT, except there is no pressure chamber, no change in pressure and you breathe pure, little bit ionized, oxygen, straight at the ENT's office through an oxygen mask. It is also much cheaper than regular HBOT, like a lot - full 10 sessions might cost much less than single HBOT session. Therefore I tried it, because I thought like, it is a lite version of HBOT, super cheap, it won't kill me if I try it.

      Every session I would first touch some plates with my palms, the device (called Oxygen Ion 3000) would then measure something and after a few seconds it would spit a random number between 1-7. The nurse would then select a program corresponding with the number. Then it would take approximately 30 minutes to breathe. I only spotted one difference between the programs, there was a different ratio between positive and negative Oxygen ions that were added to the pure oxygen you breathe. I really don't know how does this measuring from your palms work and how the device knows what kind of oxygen you need based on this. Seems kinda fishy to me. But I am not an expert at this. The ENT looked kinda expensive and professional, not like some charlatan, which makes it even more weird.

      How I felt during the sessions? The oxygen smelled a bit weird, or it was the mask, I don't know. The oxygen generator was also making a loud noise that sounded kinda depressing to be honest. I associated the smell and the noise with the failure of treating my tinnitus which ultimately led to some small anxiety and depression everytime I was sitting in the dark room breathing.

      I asked the ENT how many people are benefitting from this. She didn't tell me numbers but said the chance gets better when your tinnitus is acute and it is due to your inner ear (not going to help if it is due to cervical spine etc). That seems pretty logical and it corresponds with HBOT. However, despite going for several sessions, it didn't help me at all.

      I had problems to find some sources studying this therapy. The only thing I found was a non-English article about some Professor with his team using this device at their hospital to treat patients with tinnitus at first. They found out it helped 20% of patients and none of them completely recovered. If this is true, then I find it scammy for the ENT to advertise it explicitly as a tinnitus treatment and take money from people visiting her and using it. Because even some standard medication like Betahistine that ENTs often prescribe off-label to patients with idiopathic tinnitus has bigger success rate (30%, studies say). However, the article said they later used it on patients to treat vertigo and the percentage of success was better but that is something completely different. Also there are articles about women using it to make their face less wrinkly and so on, but nothing about tinnitus.

      So in my opinion I don't think it is a complete scam, but not really more effective than Silencil, Synapse XT or other scam supplements when it comes to treating tinnitus. Firstly I hoped I would introduce this therapy in Success Stories, however, it looks more like that it should be placed in @Contrast's post's footer instead. Although 10 sessions cost me less than one Synapse XT bottle, so I don't feel robbed so much.

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