Pain and Ringing in Left Ear from Blowing Nose

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by JamFam, Apr 26, 2021.

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      Last week
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      Blowing nose
      This all started with my right feeling clogged and full in the beginning of March.

      I went to the doctor and he prescribed me Amoxicillin and nasal spray to use for two weeks.

      During these two weeks my left ear started also feeling clogged and sensitive to loud sounds like door slams and high volumes on tv.

      After all this happened I went to a second doctor last week at a clinic and she said I see no problem with your ears and there might be some altitude problem causing pressure and pain.

      She then told me to pinch my nose and blow until I feel a pop. After my left ear popped I felt a slight ring in the ear but thought nothing of it.

      When I came home I noticed the ringing become louder and it didn't go away.

      It's been few days since then and I have an appointment scheduled with an ENT next week but has anyone had anything like this happened to them and does the ringing ever go away?
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      not sure
      Welcome to the forum. That popping of the ear by pinching the nose and blowing out is something quite standard to balance pressure changes to the ear drums. We all have to do that continuously when I was with 8 others in a Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment chamber or HBOT where they pump in pressurized oxygen. It didn't seem to hurt anyone's ears except an old guy who couldn't pop the ears. So being able to pop the ear drums was a good thing for us.

      I hope your ringing will subside gradually. Best wishes. God bless.
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      stress/adrenalin + forgetting to breathe enough when online
      Hi, we all get ringing and sometimes gentle pops and cracking, it happens - I just wanted to say just take time to relax, and don't fear it - one thing that can bring tinnitus up a notch before maybe it subsides a little during the night - is breathing - or the lack of it... I have to remind myself, not to write too long especially tense/stress messages, and when I finish and post something, I say to myself 'in mind' - and breathe...

      And the ear feeling clogged - infection/virus comes to mind there, it'll go - try not to worry, and keep busy.

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