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    1. citigirl13

      citigirl13 Member

      North Yorkshire, England
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      Hi doctor,

      As I have mentioned before, I have fluid in my ears. Still have not seen an ENT yet because you cannot see one without a doctor referring you, which mine hasn't yet. Today I have had some pain. I want to say that it is sinus pain, but it feels more like in my cheeks. It just makes my face feel achy, and sometimes when I yawn and my ear crackles it causes a bit of ear pain.

      I just don't know what to do. I have had pain like this before but it stopped about a month or so ago. I am just scared that I am not progressing and that my ears are not getting better. I wanted to ask whether this symptom is usual for having fluid/ETD?

      I understand that you are busy but if I could have you have any ideas about this I would appreciate it. Of course I have told my doctor to refer me to an ETD but I have not had a letter to state when my appointment would be, so until then I have to wait.

      Thank you for your time.
    2. Dr. Nagler

      Dr. Nagler Member Clinician Benefactor

      Atlanta, Georgia USA
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      @citigirl13, I sincerely understand your concern. I really do.

      Now please try to understand mine. Even if I weren't busy, I still could not possibly make a recommendation regarding your pain without examining you. That is why I suggested you see an ENT. The fact that your health care system makes it way more difficult for you to see an ENT than it ought to be does not change the fact that it would be irresponsible for me to answer otherwise.

      I am very sorry that I cannot be of more help.

      Dr. Stephen Nagler

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