Paul Walker Dead at 40 — 'Fast & Furious' Actor Dies After Car Accident

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by christine kauhane, Dec 1, 2013.

    1. christine kauhane

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      june 9th 2013
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    2. Markku

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      Horrible. Just days ago I thought that I'd like to see his latest film, "Hours".

      Condolences to his family and friends. Rest in peace.
    3. AnneG

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      Its just crazy how One seconds you're there, and next thing your not. The philippines are really thankful to him, He was actually on his way to a charity even for the Storm victims of the Philippines. May he rest in peace :(
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    4. Scubadude

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      Jan 2013
      I must confess I have never watched the Fast and Furious franchise. I remember him from the film "Into the Blue"
      as it was a subject close to my heart. Shocking that anybody dies that young.
    5. Riikka

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      It is a bit surreal that he starred in movies about street car races and he himself died in a racing car. Apparently fast cars where his hobby, unfortunately it is just a very dangerous hobby.
    6. Luca

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      Looking back on all my vehicular shenanigans of the past it's quite something that nothing ever happened.

      For me the first movies were a bit too cheesy and cliche, but as a car guy I did enjoy them very much. The fifth and sixth film were the best IMO, it became less about the cars and more into a heist movie that didn't take itself too seriously. Just a good entertaining action flick.

      I hope the cast and crew finds the courage to rewrite the story of the half filmed 7th installment and make it the best FF yet dedicated to Walker.

      Don't know much about him. Seemed like a decent guy.

      Far as I know there is a movie already in post production with him starring in the lead role called "Brick Mansions" I guess they will release it sometime in 2014.

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