Percentage of Deaf People With Tinnitus

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    1. uncle vikin

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      Subjective tinnitus r ear cause ( unknown)
      Dr. Nagler just curious if T is caused by hearing loss it seems all people that are deaf would have Tinnitus. Has there been any study on deafness and Tinnitus,
    2. Dr. Nagler

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      Hi UV -

      Very interesting question. Thank you for asking it.

      I do not know if this issue has ever been formally studied, but I can tell you the predominant thinking in that regard among the tinnitus clinicians and researchers who ought to know.

      In order have tinnitus you must have an auditory memory, which means that people who are born profoundly deaf in both ears cannot have tinnitus.

      Conversely it is likely that 100% of those individuals who have acquired profound deafness will have tinnitus. Whether or not it is at all loud is variable. Indeed, some might have to purposely seek it in order to hear it. Moreover, whether or not it is at all bothersome is also variable. But 100% of people with acquired profound deafness will have tinnitus.

      Dr. Stephen Nagler
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