Physical Exercise and Tinnitus

Discussion in 'Support' started by Agrajag364, Jun 23, 2018.

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      I don't know much about somatic T, but here's some thoughts

      You need to know what to avoid on your own. Be very careful about which teachers you trust. I personally think it’s absolute madness what some teachers have unsuspecting students do in some classes. It wasn't until I studied to become a yoga teacher myself that I realized this. It also took some chronic injuries from practicing yoga to view it objectively and not get caught up in the rush of it

      In short, this is what I think you should avoid thinking of tinnitus specifically:

      Any Ashtanga or similarily strenous classes. Ashtanga is intended to shape the skeletons of kids during many years, trying those things as a westener can be a recipe for disaster. It's also very, very hard to do correctly and safely, takes years to learn.

      Avoid headstands and shoulderstands. Unless the teacher is very good this can destroy you. It can damage the vagus nerve in the neck, so it should be able to damage the auditory nerve as well

      Know if you are hypermobile or not. If you are, you need to practice yoga differently from "normal" people

      Don't do any extreme things with the neck. Neck movement is good, but not too much and nothing too extreme.

      That said, any gentle yoga class is probably very good for you. There are specific things to do for the neck but thats more in the realm of yoga therapy/physical therapy
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      I started exercising every day (cycling for 10-12 km or walking for 3-4 km, or both) and after a few weeks, my tinnitus became horrible. Now even light walks make it spike. Leaves me frustrated, as I clearly see the benefits of exercise, but the spikes are awful (my tinnitus is quite severe and, with the new spike, I can barely tolerate earplugs or earmuffs).

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