Pilot Study of Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) in Area LC for Chronic Tinnitus

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      Looks like we may be moving towards the possibility of tinnitus surgery? The preliminary findings showed reduction in actual tinnitus loudness for individuals with chronic tinnitus and a THI over 50.

      Preliminary results: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/30738400

      Acute tinnitus loudness reduction was observed at 5 caudate locations, 4 positioned at the body and 1 at the head of the caudate nucleus in normalized Montreal Neurological Institute space.

      Pilot Study of Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) in Area LC for Chronic Tinnitus

      This study will test the safety and effectiveness of deep brain stimulation (DBS) for patients with a big or very big problem with tinnitus (a sensation of noise in the head).

      Pilot Study of Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS)in Area LC for Chronic Tinnitus

      This is a single institution, open-label, phase I clinical trial to estimate the treatment effect size and to assess preliminary safety and tolerability of DBS in the caudate nucleus (area LC) in adults with a big or very big problem (tinnitus functional index TFI>50) with chronic tinnitus. Up to 10 subjects will be implanted. The DBS stimulation parameters are patient-specific and will be allowed to vary over the course of the treatment periods, calibrated by the TFI. During Period I, stimulation will be continuous. During Period II, there will be three stimulation OFF/ON epochs, where the stimulation will be turned OFF and then turned back ON when the tinnitus loudness returns to a certain level (based on a change in the TFI score). During Period III, stimulation will be "on demand," i.e. controlled by the subject and determined by subject preference. An important goal is to determine whether tinnitus can be controlled through optimization of stimulation parameters.
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      The study is performed by the guys who did the trials with the Parkinson's patients who had tinnitus and reported suppression after some stimulation at specific brain areas.

      If possible I would take part but unfortunately I am not from US :(

      However I also read that some deep brain stimulation might loose it effectiveness as experienced already in some patients before.
      The tinnitus suppression lasted only some weeks, then the evil returned... I hope this time they will knock it down permanently!
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      For the last 17 years I have worked with a surgeon that does DBS for Parkinson's. I've seen his methods and efficacy improve dramatically. He has acknowledged that there are patients of his that also get tinnitus relief from the Parkinson's surgery. He wrote a paper almost 10 years ago that had the results of a very small study looking at this. His paper is referenced in many of the more current papers that have been published. I don't think this is a current area of interest for him. I may have to pick his brain a little.

      I can see this study as being important for us to learn about what areas of the brain need to be stimulated for tinnitus relief. The trick will be finding a successful way to stimulate those areas without being as invasive as the current treatment for Parkinson's is.
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      So let's assume I fake Parkinson's disease or some other malady where DBS is an already-approved treatment, I can get treated with deep brain stimulation TODAY, instead of having to wait years/decades for the DBS trials for tinnitus to finish?

      (I realize nobody can "fake" Parkinson's, but hopefully my point is taken.)

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