Piracetam and Choline + Phospholipids

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      I am considering the following treatment to see if this impacts on the severity of my tinnitus/hyperacusis etc soon.

      it will consist of Piracetam , which is a nootropic (used to enhance cognition). it is thought that it binds to glutamate receptors as well as the glutamate/gaba ratio. It also helps to enhance blood flow, helps to make cell membranes more fluid; thus allowing neurotransmitters to move from neuron to neuron more rapidly, along with being neuroprotective . It might increase the production of Acetylcholine, which is a nerve signalling neurotransmitter (Research on rats has shown that Piracetam reverses amnesia caused by scopolamine, which blocks acetylcholine) . Piracetam also has a low toxicity profile.

      My interest in Choline stemmed from reading Professor Kaltenbach's work with linking acetylcholine receptor deactivation with tinnitus. He theorises that activating the (muscarinic) Ach receptors will be a potential modality to pharmaceutically suppress the tinnitus signal.

      Choline is an essential nutrient, that helps maintain the structure of cell membranes; ensuring the proper functioning of the nervous system.

      Choline is a precursor to acetylcholine. Piracetam enhances cognitive function by increasing acetylcholine production. So choline and piracetam work synergistically together.

      I will be combining choline with piracetam to combat the headaches that are a known side effect of piracetam.

      A common hypothesis why choline helps prevent headaches induced by P is that P stimulates acetylcholine receptors; thus increasing their demand for ach. The headache develops as a result of choline deficiency.

      I will also be receiving iv phospholipids with my dr.

      i am not recommending anyone else try this. ( i am under the supervision of an experienced intergrative dr with an interest in neurodegerative conditions) Just thought some of you might be interested. i will make future posts if anyone is interested to hear of my progress with this regime.
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      Of course you should make progress reports. Thank you :)

      PS. I've taken piracetam (if I recall correctly, I started with 2,400 mg / day, then got to 1,200 mg / day). I have trouble remembering how long I took it for since I used a lot of supplements back then, but it was for over a month anyway.

      With my initial piracetam regimen I also took Alpha-GPC (which I remember the folks at LongeCity preferred over regular choline, so I took their advice).

      No change on tinnitus. :(

      I hope your experience is a better one!

      Good luck.
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      Also you might try coluracetam, in the future. No headaches for me so far, but im taking it once/twice per week. Per ammount is 5 mg sublingually. I prefer this to noopept(1000-5000 times stronger piracetam). They both give me motivation and cognitive enhancement, but coluracetam gives this beautiful visual filter; old movie effect. Especially outside, street lights in the evening. Dreams feel so very real too. The main effect lasts few hours but even on the next day i'm quite a bit quicker in thinking and concentration is better. Learing and solving tasks is fun...in a couple of days it fades and i'm back to being an idiot.lol. But it feels great, once in a while to be on "steroids" for the brain. I'm paranoid to take it constantly; too much good stuff might be bad? The more exited i'm hearing how does it work out for you and is there any tolerance build up happening? Good luck!
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      Physical ten years ago followed by ototoxic damage in 2015
      I know I’m very late to post but I just can’t see how a drug that decreases the neuronal negative charge (increasing excitability) can reduce tinnitus?
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      I dont think that you have to take that choline suplement. I used to take 4800mg of piracetam without it for 2 weeks and I never had any headache.

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